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little mate • alpha pack by Wolf_Queen_101
little mate • alpha packby صفية
in which the innocent human of beacon hills is mated to the ruthless alpha pack • " you are ours, little mate " " you belong to us and only us " • [...
  • deucalion
  • scottmccall
  • poly
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Brokeback Mountain-I wish I knew how to quit you. by erenxlevi845
Brokeback Mountain-I wish I knew h...by Levi
Two men working together, two men with their own separate lives. Two men who form a close bond, two men with their own children and wives. What becomes of these two men...
  • brokebackmountain
  • heathledger
  • ennis
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Old Ties ~Teen Wolf~ COMPLETE by sweetpeasbitch
He thought that I would never come back, but he was terribly wrong This book has some serious issues, read at your own risk. EDITING
  • pain
  • stilesstilinski
  • love
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Little Monster 🐾 Teen Wolf by Totes_ducks_
Little Monster 🐾 Teen Wolfby Cabbage Patch Kid 👶
"Made anyone cry at school yet?" "Not yet, but it is only Tuesday." ???? Ethan and Aiden were not the youngest alphas in duecalion's pack. Meet Hally...
  • stiles
  • aiden
  • scott
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you belong to us (alpha pack) •ON HOLD• by -jasontoddy
you belong to us (alpha pack) •ON...by °•T∆LLEY•°
❝in which skylar is mated to the alpha pack❞ ~all rights go to jeff davis, i only own skylar bentley and her plotline~ ~teen wolf~ ~will not follow the plotline~ started...
  • ennis
  • kali
  • lydiamartin
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Purple | Teen Wolf by MrsStilinskiHood
Purple | Teen Wolfby I Want To Marry Harry Styles
Jasmine Juliette Meilani, know to most as 'JJ' is a WereTiger. Trust me, she knows it sounds stupid. She was given up for adoption six years ago, when she was 11, by her...
  • stilesstilinski
  • corahale
  • scottmccall
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The Puppy Dog Eyes by SassyM00se
The Puppy Dog Eyesby MOOSE
Scott McCall is a rather common name in Beacon Hills. Captain of the high school lacrosse team Assistant to the local veterinarian Secretly the True Alpha of Beacon Co...
  • derekhale
  • werewolf
  • ennis
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Unbeatable ~Sequel to "You can't beat me"~ by BlackBird998
Unbeatable ~Sequel to "You can't b...by BlackBird
Cassandra Sky Nightingale, or should I say Mikaelson, is finally accepting what she is. Not only is she Klaus' twin, which her part vampire part werewolf, she's a witch...
  • lahey
  • wolf
  • mccall
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Pack mom, Powerful spark, Alpha's mate, What's Next? by hopee_5185
Pack mom, Powerful spark, Alpha's...by hopee_5185
Stiles Stilinski gets kicked out of the Hale pack, but doesn't let himself get bummed out. Instead of falling apart he moves on and creates his own little pack. Danny, P...
  • teenwolf
  • stilesstilinski
  • ennis
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justbaccanothings by chiibiiko
justbaccanothingsby chiibiiko
Like headcanons except these things absolutely canonly happen and you cannot convince me otherwise
  • naritaverse
  • chanelaforet
  • baccano
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The sister of the alpha twins - Scott Mccall by Missmonde1209
The sister of the alpha twins - Sc...by Missmonde1209
Une nouvelle meute est arrivée à Beacon Hills, mais elle n'est pas comme les autres meutes. C'est une meute d'Alphas, enfin c'est ce qu'ils disent, sauf qu'ils ont oubli...
  • amour
  • stiles
  • mccall
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My Mirror Staring Back At Me by kayceelynn143
My Mirror Staring Back At Meby Kaycee
  • ending
  • wilson
  • mondzak
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Eternal Love | The Alpha Pack  by BriannaMikaelson
Eternal Love | The Alpha Pack by BriannaMikaelson
Forced to flee from Mystic Falls, Lilith and her sister, Rebekah move to Beacon Hills, California. They thought that they were done with the supernatural world but what...
  • mikaelson
  • theoriginals
  • anchors
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Let The Good Times Roll! by Weezie_24
Let The Good Times Roll!by weezerz2490
From the Big Easy to the Big Apple. After paying a visit to her brother, Charlie finds herself involved with the ruthless Gandor Family. But this doll face ain't no push...
  • maiza
  • neworleans
  • luck
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Wolfpack by niamhloughlin1
Wolfpackby Niamh
"Keith, you seem to forget, mam and dad always told us to do whatever the fuck we want" When Niamh was young, her parents were carefree, they wanted her and he...
  • ennis
  • teen
  • banter
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Mr Ennis X Mr Casey RATED M  by bdms_fics_
Mr Ennis X Mr Casey RATED M by bdms_fics_
Mr Ennis and Mr Casey are fucking (fanfic about my history teachers) I'm really not proud of myself for doing this so I apologize in advance.RATED M for sexual content
  • gayaf
  • ennis
  • haha
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Once in a lifetime  by ouiouibagette
Once in a lifetime by ouiouibagette
Jack and Ennis spend a romantic night under the clear night sky...
  • sheldon
  • bbm
  • oral
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1) The Young Life {District Hale} by Aspiring-Writer14
1) The Young Life {District Hale}by Aspiring-Writer14
Prequel to the Hale Twins Series, shows how District grew up, how the fire affected her life completely, and how she battled her way back towards sanity. With help from...
  • derek
  • peter
  • bretttalbot
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Silent Screams » Teen Wolf by truechimera
Silent Screams » Teen Wolfby ARGENT
"Sometimes I think I am crazy 'cause I see things so differently than everyone else" [Isaac Lahey | oc] December 2015
  • jeff
  • idc
  • kira
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