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Ask The Barricade Boys (and others)! by letothersriseseries
Ask The Barricade Boys (and others...by Let Others Rise: The Series +...
***ACCEPTING QUESTIONS!!!* "Good morrow, citizen. You can call me Enjolras. I'll be accepting any and all questions you have for any of the Les Amis. (This could...
amen, amen | enjoltaire by StillGotLegs
amen, amen | enjoltaireby 🦂
Enjolras has had a crush on Grantaire for five years. And for five years, he's thought about how stupid that is. He knows he has no chance with Grantaire, who spends his...
Vivienne {Les Misérables}  by Diamondbandit3
Vivienne {Les Misérables} by DiamondBeth
Summer had been and gone, taking with it the final innocence and beauty left in a mother and her two young children. The sun was setting, casting an eerie glow as the yo...
Enjoltaire One Shots by fangirlerforstuff
Enjoltaire One Shotsby i
A collection of original Enjoltaire one shots, drabbles and poems.
Enjoltaire Feels by KatBroadway
Enjoltaire Feelsby Katty McKatterson
"You don't believe in anything." "I believe in you." Just some oneshots of Enjoltaire, and they will either make you laugh so hard you'll fall off th...
Les Misérables - OneShots by enjolstar
Les Misérables - OneShotsby enjolstar
Writing OneShots of our favorite barricade boys. *there might be some OC in this* Disclaimer; sadly I don't own Les Misérables or their characters. If I did, the story w...
Pirate radio ( e/R) by my-names-not-anna
Pirate radio ( e/R)by Poppy Waters
After the completely crap year that was 2016 a few things go down the drain, including most of the worlds governments apparently. This starts a chain reaction that someh...
The Library by EnjolrasIsOutThere
The Libraryby Georgia
Grantaire just wanted to read, nothing more. But then a man with blonde hair started talking to him and before he could tell what was happening, Grantaire had fallen for...
Misguided Ghosts // Les Misèrables by idkgeoff
Misguided Ghosts // Les Misèrablesby syd
"Save the revolution." He said frantically. "Save the dream." - In which a young girl finds a family in a group of revolutionaries {Enjolras x Granta...
Enjoltaire - My Fan Theory by EnjolrasIsOutThere
Enjoltaire - My Fan Theoryby Georgia
Enjolras loved his country more than anything. Or so he thought, until his feelings for a particular member of the Amis began to surface. He could not help but love him...
One Gay More! by BookDragon6127
One Gay More!by Mandi
An Enjoltaire Modern Au
Enjoltaire One Shots by bigmistakeTM
Enjoltaire One Shotsby hi
I had to now didn't I? Please don't blame me if I don't post often and if there aren't that many chapters. Also there's no smut or any of that, it's all fluff and feels...
ExR? by Aire_1832
ExR?by ‘Aire_1832
ExR one shots and stuff
Spoonful of Sugar (Les Mis) by cryingkilljoy
Spoonful of Sugar (Les Mis)by lover boy
Enjolras absolutely despises Grantaire. That's a fact Grantaire can live with, however -- or, at least, he could. Now, however, he's discovered these neat things called...
Intoxicated-Enjoltaire  by Emerald_Revolution13
Intoxicated-Enjoltaire by Torian Hernandez
A little tagger au featuring everyone's favourite revolutionaries. In which Enjolras is an oblivious revolutionary and Grantaire his pining artist. (Cover art not mine)
Just one more lie? by Annijolras24601
Just one more lie?by Annijolras24601
"Red was always my favourite color. I don't know why but It seemed like red was the color of love. The love I never really had... Till now." France, June 1832...
Liberté, Ègalité, Fantaisie by ace_reporter
Liberté, Ègalité, Fantaisieby ace_reporter
Enjolras, an exchange student from France, hates everything about America, especially the strange drunkard, Grantaire, who keeps appearing in his life like a stray cat...