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Las maldiciones no siempre suelen ser malignas para uno pero si para el otro. Procura intentar que aquella maldición no caiga sobre ti aunque tal vez sea bueno sobre tu...
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ENIGMA / BEHIND THE SCENES by igotbangtan_7
What if ENIGMA was a popular worldwide Netflix Show? Get to know the actors and get open access to the behind the scenes and interviews by your favorite characters.
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Star and The Source of Magic by raven_enigma
Star and The Source of Magicby Raven Enigma
Magic destroyed, everyone was safe from danger and envious eyes. Mewni and Earth merged to become Earth-ni and Star and Marco are finally together. Now life is so hard w...
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3. | RIDDLE TALK ━ EDWARD NYGMA by wickedivory
𝐆𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐌 · 。゚☆: *. ☆彡 ❛ she's an enigma ❜ in which oswald cobblepot has an older sister who moves back to gotham following their mother's death and vows to reign pai...
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Confound Affiliation Perspective by DerrickSerembe
Confound Affiliation Perspectiveby Derrick Serembe
Morality and religion? Not Parallel
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Start-247 by DrCosa
Start-247by DrCosa
Mas de 10 naciones se reunieron para elaborar el mayor proyecta de la historia, la nave start 247, que va ser navegada por primera vez el astronauta Lukas Strom y que se...
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Doctors Heart  by Archangel_1234
Doctors Heart by J A N E L L E
Two skilled Doctors Two Genius mind One is the best and One is the good Different person, Different Faith Different characteristics But the same goal in life. Anger R...
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Essay of Alan Turing by Bolivia_Barnes
Essay of Alan Turingby Strange
This Essay is about the story of Alan Turing I wrote for my 8th grade History class. This received an A+ for my research paper and I'm glad to share it to you all. This...
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Stefani & Bradley  by xnatalix19
Stefani & Bradley by Natalia
I was thinking about writing for so long, but I rather prefer to read stories about Them than writing by myself. But I have many different ideas. I don't know yet if I w...
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Enigma II : Magic Card by parkscript
Enigma II : Magic Cardby P.S
She met them, faced them, encountered them, was about to arrest them all in chains and manacles. But every story has a plot twist. When in hers it appeared, the chase of...
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~ ENIGMAS ~ by xSatans_Princessx
~ ENIGMAS ~by Cuddling girlfriend
Just some little quizzes and questions to challenge your brain!~ There will be answers after every 3 challenges!~ I hope this doesn't flop and people actually have a go...
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3 Ways To Break A Heart.  by user45620736
3 Ways To Break A Heart. by ebony night
"why are you always a pain in the neck? Can't you just find a way to get away from me like the pathetic owlie you are?" "just... Shut it, I'm in no mood t...
  • sadness
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Shallow by musicalQueen27
Shallowby itskimcali
Claudette Parker is your normal teenage girl who lives with a happy and perfect family with a stable and normal life ahead her. She is also very talented and smart, well...
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