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Aristocrats Don't Marry For  Love by Lady_Romance55
Aristocrats Don't Marry For Loveby Karissa Ann Lowell
Lord Patrick William Howard doesn't marry for love in the beginning but this novel will cover The Georgian, Regency, Edwardian and Regency and alternated History time...
To Save A Duke by Ladybythelake54
To Save A Dukeby Susan Elizabeth Howard
Lady Matilda Philadelphia Carey is a young woman that comes to court during the Reign of King Edward IV of England and she is appointed as one of Queen Elizabeth Woodvil...
Aftermath by Di_Rossi
Aftermathby Berengaria di Rossi
England 1921. For fifty handicapped veterans left without home or job after WW1, the only person standing between them and utter destitution is Olivia Altringham. Lacki...
Victoria Short Scenes by tinyspacequeen
Victoria Short Scenesby zoé
I have no knowledge about Queen Victoria and her story. I'm working on it but for the moment this is totally inspired by the amazing universe that created Daisy Goodwin...
The Princes in the Tower by TheStandoverMan
The Princes in the Towerby Histoire
The story of the Princes in the Tower told from the perspective of Edward V.
The Howard's of Star Base 10 and 12.  Third , Fourth  Fifth and Six Generations by PenelopeAnatasiaStaf
The Howard's of Star Base 10 and 1...by Penelope Anatasia Stafford
This is a Star Trek Romance Novel set in the 23rd century with the main characters of Lord Andrew Charles Howard and Lady Karissa Elizabeth Ann Howard nee Lowell. It wil...
The Duchess of Two Dukedoms on Star Base 12 by ladykarissa
The Duchess of Two Dukedoms on Sta...by Karissa Elizabeth Ann Lowell
This is for my upcoming novel for Camp National Novel Writing Month for 2022.
His Rhetoric by ahyesbrilliant
His Rhetoricby Ah Yes
Miss Maddison James is the new History teacher at Knightsbridge International School. Mr. Alistair Braithworth is the head of the English department. Tensions are high. ...
To Save A Dynasty by ladybythelake55
To Save A Dynastyby Elizabeth Ann Lowell
Karissa Elizabeth Ann Lowell is young woman from a common background but she chosen by two aristocrats to mother their children - both are direct descendants of Lord Jo...
On Bosworth Field by Silversun79
On Bosworth Fieldby Rowan Matthews
Musings of a medieval reenactor taking part in a reconstruction of the battle of Bosworth. Why do they do it? What do they hope those watching take away from it?
The Duchess of Two Dukedoms on Star Base 12 by Ladybythelake54
The Duchess of Two Dukedoms on Sta...by Susan Elizabeth Howard
Karissa Elizabeth Ann Lowell was just an ordinary girl from Post World War III Planet Earth when she first arrived on Star Base 12, but she would create a new world on...
Different Sides by lostdreamssss
Different Sidesby joce:(🍁🍃🎶
Two dull teens meet in a fit ball of rage, they're forced of their religion and high royalty. They're complete opposites, except for the fact they will fight for the rel...
The Fiery Duchess by LadyWicca55
The Fiery Duchessby Lady_Wicca
Karissa Elizabeth Ann Lowell arrives on Star Base 12 from War Torn Planet Earth in the Pagan Year of 2274 only to encounter that upon her arrival that three gentlemen vi...
Lady Karissa's " Female Descendants by SandraPatriciaWellin
Lady Karissa's " Female Descendantsby Sandra Patricia Wellington
Welcome To My Second Novel that will tell you about the female descendants of Lady Karissa with her two husbands, Lord Andrew Charles Howard, Duke of Norfolk Territory...
The Favourite by Worddoctor
The Favouriteby Dr. Jeanne Powell
A juicy romp through the reign of Queen Anne, as Sarah Churchill the duchess of Marlborough and her cousin Abigail Hill compete for royal attention and influence.
The Howard's of Star Base 10 and12 by DiamondGirl_55
The Howard's of Star Base 10 and12by Lucie Elizabeth Ann Wesson
Ago Time Go, Lord John Howard married Lady Joan of Cornwall, great-granddaughter, of King John of England and his wife, Queen Isabella of Angoulême and she blessed with...