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It Was Always You (The Navalta Series # 1) by k4trijn
It Was Always You (The Navalta K4TRIJN
Ryu Dimitri Navalta is a Professional Mechanical Engineer and happens to be an heir to one of the biggest engineering, construction, and facilities management company in...
Cynk Napp's Illustrations by CynkNapp
Cynk Napp's Illustrationsby Cynk_Napp
A place for illustrations. I might even be able to create some by request, but no promises.
SLIXER: The Two Blades by RangeRally
SLIXER: The Two Bladesby RangerallyX
A man is transformed into a supernatural being and there are only two paths for him to choose, but he is in a dilemma about which path he should take. A single mistake c...
Compete (RICCI RIVERO) by purpledmaroonx
Compete (RICCI RIVERO)by M
UAAP's BOYS INSTALLMENT NO. 1- COMPETE (RICCI RIVERO) Both Ricci Rivero and Anika Tyson E. Pastrana's life is surrounded by competition and camera-centered. Will they b...
Holding My Own Hand by Lumine_Master
Holding My Own Handby Hatdog
Ciara Dela Cuesta, an engineer from an elite family of businessman an encapsulation of class, kindness and elegance. She chose to take an alternate way and considered st...
SEVEN Coincidences by AmieleBrett
SEVEN Coincidencesby Amiele Brett
Markie Danine is shy and crybaby twenty-seven-year-old who dreams of becoming a webtoon artist but she slowly changed because of her crush slash first love, Christian Al...
Forensic Engineering Services Market Size, Share, Growth & Trend Analysis by henrywatson5
Forensic Engineering Services Henry Watson
Our consulting and research services have been tailored for your requirements and your company as a way to explore growth plans and strategies. We do not stick to the on...
The Death of a Star by _daylighttt
The Death of a Starby ʇɥƃılʎɐp
Sophia has always been the smart girl. An achiever. Always at the cream of the crop. All her life she was expected to be on top. She needs to be in the "best"...
Let's Learn Physics, Calculus, and Love by SlyCynic
Let's Learn Physics, Calculus, slycynic
Bobo Series book 1. Princess knew that she was indeed a stupid girl. A dumb stupid girl that can't even memorise a simple multiplication table, a dumb stupid girl that k...
Hiraya Manawari by JeiseunWP
Hiraya Manawariby Jei
Hiraya Manawari (n) The feeling of hopefulness that something will come true.
See You There by _kharluh_
See You Thereby bu-gook
Kieth Nathaniel and Rhianne Jane wanted to repeat history, and meet in a significant place for them, meeting there every anniversary. Until a tragic moment happened. Ye...
She or Her by suckerforall
She or Herby Adeyemo Joanna
I swore to protect some women in my life; my mom, who took a bullet for me, my younger twin sisters, my best friend, Amara, my grandmothers, my aunt Kim, aunt Evandra, a...
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG by Joan_Ninja_Hen
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPGby Joan Ninja Hen
After Flora Fluss burns down the kitchen, her son insists she is too old to live alone. She's got two choices. Either move into a retirement home or spend the rest of he...
Monument by sunnnywrites
Monumentby Sunny
After being almost pulled out of school by her father, Sera, a first-year chemical engineering student, steps into college with heavy responsibility. She embarks on a jo...
LAGUNA SERIES #1 A vetmed student in UPLB, Elle, has changed her life when he met Kaixer again. An civil engineering student in Letran Calamba also known as the epitome...
You're My Vivid Dream (ON GOING) by alxaa25
You're My Vivid Dream (ON GOING)by 💜
Mallificent Cordelia Avery Aka mal, delia or whatever you want to call her, the girl who loves Ariana Grande. She also loves to write ,to cook ,to bake, to help her fam...
Somewhere Across The Pedestrial Lane by Doraemae_
Somewhere Across The Pedestrial antoinette💙
It seems too easy to fall inlove with someone who has the same feelings as yours. But it seemed so hard if it is one sided love. She fell inlove, got hurt over and over...
The October Amaryllis by GlassWorld17
The October Amaryllisby GlassWorld17
Clive Andrews is a typical 15-year-old boy who has never had anything out of the ordinary happen until May 17th, 2020 when he was struck by several feet of ball lightnin...
With Love  to cat  from fin by Bellaisychrous
With Love to cat from finby Bellaisychrous
Fiona Harrington suffered a lot after loosing her best friend catherine hollins mysteriously with whom she practically lived her whole life of 19 years.she was not able...
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Office Scandalicious by MintyKittoKatto
Office Scandaliciousby M.KittoKatto
A story revolve around Kit's working at office as Project engineer with his two other best friends, Beam and Phana. Kit who having no experience in love will meet his fu...