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Love Strategy || Karma x reader || [✔]  by skzchannie
Love Strategy || Karma x reader ||...by Elsie
∘ karma x reader ∘ what if a sadistic student from class e takes interest in the soon to be class a student? © 2017 ELSIE cover © 2017 TaestyPotaeto [Highest Achievemen...
  • shiotanagisa
  • korosensei
  • manga
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NOW OR NEVER (mainly a nagikae fanfic) by Raika-sama
NOW OR NEVER (mainly a nagikae fan...by Raika-chan
They graduated Jr. high with success. On assassination of their target, academics, even Nagisa's parents were successful to be together again.They left each other. They...
  • gakushuuasano
  • endclass
  • nagikae
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The Devil Duo (Karma x Reader) by Butterflu123
The Devil Duo (Karma x Reader)by CosmicShipper
Nina and Karma knew eachother when they were kids and oh boy were they huge trouble makers. Thats one of the reasons why their parents decided to move away from eachothe...
  • endclass
  • assassinationclassroom
  • assassinationclass
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(1)Kill The Teach | ansatsu kyoushitsu ✔ by TODOROKEE
(1)Kill The Teach | ansatsu kyoush...by KEE
⭐Assassination Classroom Watty Awards Winner 2016 | 3rd Place Winner | Akabane Karma⭐ ▫◻⬜❇⬜◻▫ [ Book 1 of 2 ] Meet a certain student with excellent grades during her day...
  • assassination
  • endclass
  • karma
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Assassination Classroom One Shots by MoriiIsogai
Assassination Classroom One Shotsby MORi
  • isogaiyuuma
  • korosensei
  • kiliglmao
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 Sweet Escapade  [ Assassination Classroom X Reader ] by Bitchezzaa
Sweet Escapade [ Assassination C...by Kooky
Our world is a mess so we lost ourselves in a wonderland of madness; because imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality, we allow it as our sweetest escap...
  • yuumaisogai
  • kunugigaokagakushin
  • maeharahiroto
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(2)Merciless | ansastu kyoushitsu ✔ by TODOROKEE
(2)Merciless | ansastu kyoushitsu ✔by KEE
[ Book 2 of 2 ] As she spends her time with the End Class, the more denser Koutaru Araki became of someone's attention towards her. And so does he. Akabane Karma was not...
  • 3-e
  • sheisaramenprincess
  • endclass
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Faked Sequel To Devil Duo. Karma x Reader by Butterflu123
Faked Sequel To Devil Duo. Karma x...by CosmicShipper
Sequel Of Devil Duo. Disclaimed: I dont own characters Videos Pictures Cover Etc. Its been a week. Everyone is still searching for Nina.. They thought she had died. But...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • eclass
  • karmaakabane
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Forced To Be An Assassin (An Assassination Classroom Fanfic)  by Maaheen11
Forced To Be An Assassin (An Assas...by KawaiiStrawberry
What if the person everyone knew was not really him? That it was just someone else? That it was a mask all along? How much longer can he keep his friends in the dark jus...
  • endclass
  • korosensei
  • classroom
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three siblings, two gifted assassins (assassination classroom x oc x knb) by pinky_pie0917
three siblings, two gifted assassi...by pinky_pie
I don't know what am I doing but It contains assassination classroom x oc and a little bit knb. Warning: don't read it. Its a piece of garbage -misspelled words -wrong g...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • koro-sensei
  • tetsuya
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Midnight Blue by yaraaltantawy
Midnight Blueby ΔĐØŘҜΔβŁ€ ΔŞ ₣ỮĆҜ
This an assassination classroom fanfic enjoy
  • lostnagisa
  • endclass
  • assainator
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Assassination Classroom Oneshots by bat_ruby
Assassination Classroom Oneshotsby Kai <3
Watch this be mainly focus around Karma istg
  • nagisashiota
  • assassinationclassroom
  • karmaakabane
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The End Student {Target One: Academy Time!} by AkuShinigami
The End Student {Target One: Acade...by Vasquez Lost
(an Assassination Classroom and Uta no Prince-sama crossover) Enter Fukazawa Setsuna, one of the former students of Kunugigaoka Junior High's infamous Class 3-E. After m...
  • ittokiotoya
  • saotome
  • jingujiren
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Yugen by Opia-Elysian
Yugenby Opia-Elysian
-- Yugen (noun) A profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings to deep and mysterious for words. -- Earth is threatened by the sudden appearance of an extre...
  • endclass
  • kyoushitsu
  • classroom
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Undercover ( Alex Rider & Assassination Classroom crossover) by RoseRune
Undercover ( Alex Rider & Assassin...by RoseRune
When class E just isn't enough, the worlds best spy,Alex Rider, is sent in. Alex Rider & Assassination Classroom crossover. All rights belong to the original creators.
  • assassin
  • endclass
  • crossover
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Karma x Reader by Ayumi-sensei1234
Karma x Readerby Anie Mctailor
You were abandoned by your parents with debt... You're only two friends in that school,Karma and Nagisa were sent to E class or End class... You're grades are getting wo...
  • guns
  • fanfic
  • assassinationclassroom
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New World 》BNHA x AC by thebeanoflife
New World 》BNHA x ACby BobaSloth
A ravine opened up under Nagisa and ended up pulling the rest of class 3-E with him. Into the world of BOCU NO HERO ACADEMIA! <!> DISCLAIMER <!> I don't own...
  • mraizawa
  • rest
  • öf
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Love Target  ||Assassination Classroom (Karma Akabane FF) by SirenSweetheart
Love Target ||Assassination Class...by Reveliara
  • e-class
  • akabane
  • kayano
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Korosensei's secret by fordcristin
Korosensei's secretby Lunar Eclipse
Karma has a twin sister named Kauro. Itona has a twin sister named Alyssa. What happens when end class find out Korosensei's secret. He has a twin b--. Oops said to much...
  • nagisaxkayano
  • endclass
  • twins
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To Love An Idol by Shuzsuki_
To Love An Idolby ThatOneOTAKUgirl
[DISCLAIMER] I do not own assassination classroom and it character, I also don't own the picture. So basically this is another karmagisa fanfics I have made...... MORE C...
  • nagisa
  • karmagisa
  • ocs
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