Times are changing  by Tigerjubjub
Times are changing by Tigerjubjub
It's been over four years since Task Force X, has been up and running. Two years since, Waller had caught, The Clown Prince of crimes. A year after Joker was caught The...
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  • joker
  • griggs
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The Prophecy by inputNoodles
The Prophecyby Mochi
"Hello, Miss Mikan Bardot." "Who are you? And how do you know who I am?" She whispered, looking up with her deep blue eyes, filled with curiosity. ...
  • magicpowers
  • fantasy
  • enchantress
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Insomnia's Power: The Gift by xXThatOneEmoGirlXx
Insomnia's Power: The Giftby xXHeartOfDeathXx
in·som·ni·a inˈsämnēə/ noun habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep. synonyms:sleeplessness,wakefulness,restlessness, inability to sleep ************* Mayumi Shouto...
  • siren
  • ghost
  • ghoul
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The Story After by barefoot4life85
The Story Afterby barefoot4life85
Based on K.M. Shea's "The Wild Swans" fairy tale retelling, this story follows Prince Rune of Arcania after being passed up in love by Furstein Elise. He was s...
  • rune
  • prince
  • timeless
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The Grove                            (Cantina continued.. Sort of) by SpyrofBlades
The Grove...by SpyrofBlades
Some events preceding the Rogue Jedi bar fight
  • climax
  • enchantress
  • dense
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The Wizard's Gift by VictoriaARB
The Wizard's Giftby Victoria Randall
This is the short prequel to the story of The Witchstone, and tells how the enchantress Sibele began her career, how she came to possess the stone that gave her powers...
  • wattys2018
  • magic
  • wizard
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Enchantress by WereDuckwolf
Enchantressby WereDuckwolf
June Moone didn't ask for what happened to her. She wasn't even sure herself. She lost twenty years of her life. She has a power she can't control and somehow she's poss...
  • superboy
  • yj
  • aqualad
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The Wolf's Pain by Alpha_Razor
The Wolf's Painby Alpha_Razor
After years of imprisonment, Jean finally got out of her imprisonment and joined HYDRA in order to get more powerful stronger than her twin sister. Her first mission was...
  • razorwolf-rogers
  • steverogers
  • book2
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The Wicked Witch Circle by zmichelle27
The Wicked Witch Circleby zmichelle27
Who knew that a single book could turn tables for everyone? But not just any book of course. A cursed Hex that has been hidden for over 200 years with 2 volumes....someh...
  • evil
  • nottypical
  • abnormal
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The Cantina by SpyrofBlades
The Cantinaby SpyrofBlades
Do you like Star Wars? Of course you do! If you are like me, the SW films in recent years have been underwhelming. They look great but they are missing something... Have...
  • seductress
  • adventure
  • battle
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