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Personal  by Jamie5678
Personal by J
Some unspoken words
  • feelings
  • lost
  • bulied
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
  • reassurance
  • busted
  • approval
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Life Goes On. by killer_tiger72
Life Goes On.by hamz
Hey guys, I created this poem book, to really help improve my English and increase my creativity. These poems are basically about my thoughts on some deep subjects in...
  • friends
  • emotions
  • love
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Suicide quotes. by Cookie_monster__1
Suicide quotes.by Live
Suicide is never the answer. Suicide is a question, and the answer is no.
  • quotes
  • love
  • empty
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[COMPLETED] Lee Felix would never forget the moment he caught the school's mystery boy in the headlights. Rain streaks and black hair, brown eyes widened in the lights o...
  • headlights
  • changbin
  • jeongin
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The Fools in Eden(Hiatus) by TokkiBaechu
The Fools in Eden(Hiatus)by Bae Gommie
ဧဒင္ဥယ်ာဥ္ထဲက တားျမစ္ထားတဲ့ အသီးကိုစားခဲ့မိလို႔ အာဒံကို မိုက္မဲတဲ့လူလို႔ သတ္မွတ္မယ္ဆိုရင္ အဆိပ္ထက္ ပိုေၾကာက္ဖို႔ေကာင္းတဲ့ အရာနဲ႔ ပက္သက္မိတဲ့ ကြၽန္မကိုေရာ ဘယ္လိုလူလို႔ ေ...
  • affair
  • irene
  • redvelvet
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I Need U (BTS x Reader) by RandomTeen16
I Need U (BTS x Reader)by RandomTeen16
(Y/N) is a highschool girl who meets the SeokJin, YoonGi, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. She is already friends with Namjoon from middle school. Every boy suffer...
  • j-hope
  • drama
  • sliceoflife
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Vacant Souls Club  by eloisemccluer
Vacant Souls Club by Eloise
too good to be true
  • love
  • wattys2019
  • life
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Poems Reflecting my Soul by DorothyZhong
Poems Reflecting my Soulby nerD
I just felt like writing poetry about how I feel so... warning: there might be mentions of sad stuff). Reached number 1 in poetry on 11/1/18-11/13/18 Reached number 1 i...
  • stories
  • poems
  • abuse
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𝔻𝕣𝕠𝕨𝕟 //solby🌧 by solbysxthiqq
𝔻𝕣𝕠𝕨𝕟 //solby🌧by 𝕊𝕦𝕘𝕒𝕣 𝕤𝕒𝕝𝕥
Colby hates himself along with life, he wants to drown, that's until a preppy blonde came into his life, now he wants to live forever.
  • sadquotes
  • solby
  • brock
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Depressed Quotes by Niciiixo
Depressed Quotesby Niciiixo
|English| • englisch quotes • german quotes • one chapter - one picture • one chapter - one quote ▲ !WARNING! ▲ → depression → suicidal thought → but a...
  • sprüche
  • broken
  • dead
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An empty shell - Cardfight Vanguard by BerryBerryBlitz
An empty shell - Cardfight Vanguardby BerryBerryBlitz
It stings..... Seeing him like this brings pain into everyone's hearts..... Especially Kai's It wasn't supposed to be like this.... Everything was supposed to be okay...
  • void
  • sendou
  • hurt
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♢Life Quotes♢ by Nashleyx
♢Life Quotes♢by amelia -
Just life quotes ♧ Many quotes are selfwritten Hope you'll Enjoy it. ♡
  • life
  • sad
  • empty
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When I Look At You  (Book 2- Mated Hearts Series) Complete by MercyRose
When I Look At You (Book 2- Mated...by Tara
Amy is a focused student and just wants to enjoy a care free senior year. Her family is fiercely over protective and she accepted years ago that boys just wasn't worth...
  • family
  • wolf
  • acceptance
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Stardust & Soul-Searching by willow_day
Stardust & Soul-Searchingby willow_day
"I have nothing against the sun It's just that my heart is happiest When it can drift off on a wave of laughter To the moon And my soul can dance with the stars Lea...
  • hippie
  • poem
  • poetry
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Unwritten by TbhIHateFanfiction
Unwrittenby Eden
*W O R K I N P R O G R E S S* Trigger Warnings!!! -self harm -alcoholism General Info: -I'll update it eventually (hopefully) -short chapters, 600-word average -let me...
  • shawnhunter
  • selfharm
  • broken
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[COMPLETED] ❝ You can't heal a wound by saying it's not there.❞ Chan thought all he needed was romance to fill the cracks in heart, what he didn't know was that friendsh...
  • roses
  • flowers
  • jisung
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Late Night Thinker  by extrababe
Late Night Thinker by mkl
These are just a place where I write how I feel. And maybe you too, can feel the unexplainable feelings I feel...
  • sad
  • tears
  • 3am
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a damaged girl by tye-dye-inside
a damaged girlby Maddie
I just need it out. I need it out of my mind. When words fail, my writing speaks.
  • depressed
  • broken
  • imagination
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Torture by Fanofthehunt
Tortureby AbsentWriter
Seeing how far they had gotten when working with the Giants, the monsters begin to work together. They manage to capture several key fighters for Olympus. Of them, Artem...
  • heroesofolympus
  • torture
  • healing
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