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The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage by zarag1996
The Rebirth of the Malicious Empre...by zaragMA
وصف شين مياو ، ابنة دي ذات النسب العسكرية ، نقية ، ودية ، هادئة ومرضية ، بحب مع الأمير دينغ ، ألقت نفسها في دور الزوجة. بعد مساعدة زوجها لمدة ست سنوات ، أصبحت أخيرًا أم...
  • empress
  • military
  • rebirth
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Trials Of The Ivy Queen; Warriors IYOC by TheIceWarrior
Trials Of The Ivy Queen; Warriors...by -frostfox
Ivy is the most ruthless, savage, brutal leader the four Clans have ever seen. Born in CreekClan and left for dead, she built up her revengeful monarchy step by step. W...
  • warriorcats
  • king
  • monarchy
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An imperial affair by raehana2711
An imperial affairby raehana2711
Fulfilling one's duty to one's country is the most noble thing any person can do. Bai Rulan understands this statement well as she sacrifices her happiness for her count...
  • kingdoms
  • affair
  • kingdom
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❛ When you look up at the sky... What do you see? ❜ ❛ I see stars - ❜ ❛ Well no shit, couldn't you have said something more spiritual? ❜ - perѕonιғιed! тaroт groυp 2ĸ...
  • devil
  • lover
  • thearcana
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XIOMARA by Tower0fTears
XIOMARAby Tower0fTears
The General's concubine thought the first daughter was dead. Little did she know that Xiomara had survived. What's even more strange is that Xiomara has returned a comp...
  • tsundere
  • empress
  • spirits
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The Mysterious Purpled-Eye Girl💜 by TylerFrostWalker
The Mysterious Purpled-Eye Girl💜by Cand Morale
  • highschool
  • empress
  • disguise
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The Revert Kingdom by MaryjoyGupit
The Revert Kingdomby PinkyRose
Everything's at stake United as one Living with dreams and hopes To smile that there's no tomorrow The City of peace and extraordinary On-going....
  • king
  • revert
  • princes
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One year change by 7warsawa4
One year changeby LongTimeNoSee
Mye name is... was Alice, I have been summoned for one year to Warhammer galaxy. One year to survive before being returned to my own world, but no one told me it would b...
  • warhammer
  • emperor
  • spac
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Mary-Chae by Azmastr202
Mary-Chaeby Azeemah
Mary-chae, a young woman in her prime and has everything she wanted or at least her life was normal. A perfect boyfriend and a family business which was passed down to...
  • blood
  • loyalty
  • historical
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unruly phoenix xiaoyao by Smaher1994
unruly phoenix xiaoyaoby BlackMoon
If you're looking for a hilarious novel with a shameless, violent, and cute female MC, this is it! Ning Xiaoyao is a genetically evolved army doctor from a zombie-infes...
  • romance
  • recie
  • emperor
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The Death of a Dynasty by esummerfield
The Death of a Dynastyby E. Summerfield
Secrets have been spun around the royal family of the Lithin Empire for years. A bastard daughter... a murder... a strange disease... Princess Kygrima doesn't know what'...
  • rebel
  • lgbt
  • empress
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The Empire Of Rose And Storm by Gab_1234_56
The Empire Of Rose And Stormby Lorelei, Kayla & Franny
Emily walked through the doors and saw a room that was completely plain except for a well in the middle. Emily leaned over the edge and felt hands on her back. The next...
  • queen
  • mystery
  • disaperance
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BaiJiu by limqianyu
BaiJiuby Qyu
Bai Jiu, or white wine while in modern times are drunk in auspicious and celebratory moments, that was not always the case. It had an important job, often a fatal compan...
  • tragedy
  • empress
  • asia
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Hidden Truths - Hunter by Kitiara_Black
Hidden Truths - Hunterby Kitiara Black
1747 Vienna. The Austrian War of Succession of the Habsburgs opened Thomas unimagined possibilities to pursue his craft as a hunter in Vienna. The kind of hunt that best...
  • monarchy
  • empress
  • bloodthirsty
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Real Love Never Fades. Not Truly. by ViscousVixen
Real Love Never Fades. Not Truly.by Fallen-Angel-007
~Reign AU/Oneshot~ Five years after the young Queen of Scotland left the French Court to marry Prince Thomas, the Empress has returned to the Court of King Francis. With...
  • catherine
  • empress
  • mary
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The Empress Choice's by Greenteaxlatte
The Empress Choice'sby Greenteaxlatte
Aku hanyalah seorang mahasiswi tingkat akhir biasa, keseharianku benar benar membosankan. Namun semua itu berubah ketika aku secara tidak sengaja tertabrak truk yang sed...
  • love
  • empress
  • medieval
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The Angel In Thorns by natsyukki
The Angel In Thornsby natsyukki
Long ago over 2000 years ago was a kingdom. The kingdom was well known for its wealth and the treasures it held. Many would travel across the land of Japan to see this t...
  • edo
  • japan
  • chinese
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Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon by estelle_lionheart
Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekk...by Estelle Lionheart
STORY NOT MINE!!! I just uploaded it from Novel Updates for offline reading purposes!!! All the credits go to the original translator!!! Synopsis: The Princess of Iceco...
  • emperor
  • love
  • romance
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stealth by yemijide
stealthby yemijide
"You have a to eat that" "Please, sister,the egg is rotten, I can't it it with the Noodles" I held onto her feet "Do not make me repeat myself...
  • empress
  • wattpad
  • aesthetic
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Heart Series 1# Heart   of Demon by Yanti985yui
Heart Series 1# Heart of Demonby Dunia baru
Heart Series 1
  • emperor
  • empress
  • fantasy
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