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Distortion by IllusionistDoesArtt
Distortionby Illusionist The Spiral
(This will have SwSh spoilers!) Harley has just moved to Galar from Alola, staying with a kid named Hop in his home in Postwick. Everyone seems to notice the red rings a...
Poképocalypse by Kyasen
Poképocalypseby Kiyase
Pokémon have changed. Gone are the days of people living peacefully together with pokémon. Now, pokémon attack humans, forcing humans to fight back against the pocket mo...
Pokémon Platinum - Here's To Sinnoh! [Paused] by Guriburu
Pokémon Platinum - Here's To Sinno...by Sinny 💫
[Fortuneshipping] When it comes to battles, Dawn wanted to be a winner. She has a chance to go on a new journey and, this time, she has a goal in mind. It won't be easy...
Pokèmar Episode II: Munna's Retribution by TeamNewHope
Pokèmar Episode II: Munna's Retrib...by Alex Russet
With the Bittercold crisis at its end, Munna and her gang must readapt to their old life. However, this is not likely to happen. Not when her past crimes are shaping he...
Polar Opposites {Lucario and Zoroark} by BlueStrike
Polar Opposites {Lucario and Zoroa...by 𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖊
A disease--causing many innocent Pokemon to run wild with dangerous symptoms--is spreading throughout multiple villages across the region. The Polar Opposite diseas...
Four Roads by AmourshippingDude
Four Roadsby Amourshipping Dude
As Ash, Dawn and Brock are delayed on their journey to Lily of the Valley Island, they encounter some old friends, each setting out on their own adventures to learn more...
Random Fandom Stuff by QueenOfQuirks
Random Fandom Stuffby ❄️𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓵𝔂❄️
[COMPLETED] Fandom nonsense ahead!
Pokémon Randomness 2 by RadEmpoleon
Pokémon Randomness 2by ~Chris~
I'm making another one bois!
Stars Journey: A pokemon fanfic (pokemonwatty2014) by draggonite
Stars Journey: A pokemon fanfic (p...by draggonite
Star the rock climber and pokemon trainer embarks on a journey to become one of Kalos' new gym leader with her partner empoleon. Who will she meet on her way? ANd will t...
An Unforgettable Moment by AwesomePenguin101
An Unforgettable Momentby Sarah
Sarah is visiting Kalos to become a pokemon master. What awaits in the journey ahead of her? Hope you enjoy!
Pokémon Cobalt by Jar679
Pokémon Cobaltby ᴡᴡᴡ.jar679.21sexy.ru
Five years after the adventures of Pokemon Platinum a ten year old boy named Jack will start his journey to the Pokemon championship. With his two friends, David and Car...
The choice of a lifetime by crowntheempire445
The choice of a lifetimeby Cheyenne
This is not completely a Dawn and Ash fanfiction like I was hoping to make it (sorry). Instead its abput their 16 year old son and a girl who lives with them because she...
The Crime Of The Century by StarRose44
The Crime Of The Centuryby ❌ Out of Here ❌
Emperor is on a mission. He is sent out to look for the criminal, Kahn. He never knew that he would run into two major criminals that work together. Look into the eyes o...
How To be a Pokemon Gamer by MatthewCacret
How To be a Pokemon Gamerby AlbinoCacret
So, you wanna be a Pokemon Master? Well this book is a guide on how to be the best you can be. From basic Nintendo trusted PokeGames too choose from to facts about Pokem...
Pokemon Noob And Guest by OofingTheOof
Pokemon Noob And Guestby Lololol
Pokemon noob And Guest Based of me and lucas Pbb (pokemon brick bronze) RP
Pokémon Randomness 3 by RadEmpoleon
Pokémon Randomness 3by ~Chris~
The trilogy continues!
Storm, Breeze, and Gust by MintySocks
Storm, Breeze, and Gustby Bee Vee
It was just the three of them, since they were little, growing up in Sandgem Town. Yes, they have saved the world a few times together. Yes, they have comforted one anot...
Galamons by RadEmpoleon
Galamonsby ~Chris~
Galamons- galaxy mons. Pokémon with galaxy bodies. This is a request book so comment what you want me to do next!
Shiny Book by RadEmpoleon
Shiny Bookby ~Chris~
Filled with shinies I've encountered.
Hidden Ability by Shockstorm_Pichu
Hidden Abilityby Tyna Epright
Meloetta knew things wasn't right. She had a Hidden Ability that not much Pokemon have. She has no idea why. The thought of it being a bad thing drove her to hide herse...