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The Bitch And The Jackass(Jackson Whittemore) by GitanjaleeChatterjee
The Bitch And The Jackass(Jackson...by Gitanjalee Chatterjee
On Hiatus. "You know, when I had first met you, I thought you were a bitch." "Really, what changed?" "Nothing, I still think you are a bitch,I'v...
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born to die .*• american horror story by mcupisces
born to die .*• american horror st...by s
"But" She looked up to the devil. "Your granddaughter is a powerful witch, I want her help" *** AHS: Coven/ Apocalypse m. montgomery k. spencer
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Sinners -Sweet Pea- by Tori_vx
Sinners -Sweet Pea-by Tori
Lou Jones, beautiful, popular and powerful girl with Serpent blood running through her veins. Rebellion big on her agenda. When her father started drinking she and her...
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Dollhouse🔸Euphoria by Kiki-Nicole
Dollhouse🔸Euphoriaby Kiki-Nicole
Copyright © "You know, I may allude the term perfection, but my life isn't at all what it's made out to be. My mother is an alcoholic, my daddy flaunts his infideli...
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grace | billy hargrove [#1] by blazingbyblaise
grace | billy hargrove [#1]by 𝔅. 🍃
"The only thing he's used to being is a badboy, and I guess I just wanted to change that. At least try to." good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught. ...
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ALL MY LOVE || C. EVANS by grandeiisms
ALL MY LOVE || C. EVANSby MJ (on hiatus)
"Is it true that the more you give, the more they take?" --- @levireynolds: @chrisevans my dad said Deadpool could kill Captain America @chrisevans: @levirey...
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American Horror Story Imagines and Preferences  by StrangerWritersx
American Horror Story Imagines and...by 🌹
Just some imagines and preferences for American Horror Story! 😁🖤 Requests are open!
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❝you're a dick.❞ ❝yeah, but I'm your dick.❞ ❝that definitely could've been worded differently.❞ ❝you still love me.❞ ❝i do.❞ ❀ in which a stubborn slytherin girl falls o...
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The new Chanel (Scream queens x reader) by chaneltwo22
The new Chanel (Scream queens x re...by chaneltwo22
(Y/N) was just a normal girl, she had always good grades at school, She never thought that she would gain a scholarship to Wallace University, one of the best and most e...
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My Shot - A Josie Saltzman Love Story by Hosie_4_life
My Shot - A Josie Saltzman Love St...by Hosie_4_life
Peyton Park was Penelope Park's sister and not her biggest fan. Josie and Peyton use to date until Josie broke it off with her to be with her sister of all people kind o...
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ahs females gif imagines. by erixotic
ahs females gif imagines.by ☁
❝no one asked your opinion, slut.❞ ❝opinion asked me.❞ gif imagines of female characters in american horror story. @ erixotic
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Killer Hospital (The Gay Scream Queens Sequel) by xswhacked93
Killer Hospital (The Gay Scream Qu...by yaaa ❤️
After everything, the cure must be found for Boone's amnesia. You must work with Dean Munsch, The Chanel's, Zayday, and Grace to help find a cure. However, when a new se...
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she's always a woman by storiesmm
she's always a womanby m.m.
growing up with a deceased mother and a famous hockey coach for a father was not the easiest way to spend life for aspiring figure skater, dianna o'brien. when traveling...
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The Unbrokenhearteds by moonandmilkyway
The Unbrokenheartedsby Aria ☁️
When Madison's soon-to-be husband called off the wedding a day before, she immediately went to Windle Mart because nothing soothes her anxiety more than grocery shopping...
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Blood Sorority (A Gay Scream Queens Story) by xswhacked93
Blood Sorority (A Gay Scream Queen...by yaaa ❤️
Scream Queens meets a whole new love and horror story, as the mystery unfolds, who will be the killer this time??
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Be Mine  (ruby rose) by theNBHislife
Be Mine (ruby rose)by No Happy Endings
Aaliyah Thomas is a 18 year old girl who is having trouble coming out to her family only her sister and best friend Ruby Rose know which she's always had a crush on sin...
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Micheal Langdon Imagines  by satanicas
Micheal Langdon Imagines by ophelia bo belia
This will be a book where i put all my short stories(and ideas)<3 𝐼 won't update as often as i do on my regular book but i thought this might be fun too Some of the...
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Reconstruction-- Kol Mikealson by _SilverTongue
Reconstruction-- Kol Mikealsonby wannabe_author
"She saves those who needed saving but she didn't know that he'd save her" Dylan Salvatore is the twin of Stefan and the little sister of Damon Salvatore... ov...
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after eight [h.s.] by by_krasoto4ka
after eight [h.s.]by just girl
Грейс Уинтер - девушка из безумно богатой семьи, со своими идеалами, прекрасной внешностью и очень тяжелым характером. Ее жизнь мечта любой девушки. Она возглавляет кома...
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A Hundred Weddings [PUBLISHED] by 19sapphire98
A Hundred Weddings [PUBLISHED]by Jessica
Highest Ranks: #2 Romantic-Comedy | #6 Humor NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! When one tiny, harmless wish snowballs into a tapestry of events, Kim's life suddenly hits a major...
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