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Fragments of the Lost [Fate/Grand Order] [Abandoned] by MannyBruhWhoElse
Fragments of the Lost [Fate/Grand...by Manny
Just lots of slice of life in the life of a certain Archer at his time in Chaldea. With many relationships of those who know the certain bowman and even not.
Genshin: Oaths Under Snow. (Fate X GENSHIN ) by Imransolar
Genshin: Oaths Under Snow. (Fate X...by Imransolar
Shirou Emiya after managed to buy time for Miyu to sent into another world to find happiness,an unexpected force has taken interested in shirou and has transferred him i...
Projection-kun! (FGO Fanfiction) by DosingOver
Projection-kun! (FGO Fanfiction)by Quaso
Da Vinci was once more, looking for stuff again. She sighed while digging through the pile of trash craft essences that Ritsuka had summoned. When suddenly, a certain cr...
Isekai Le Fay~ Familiar of Fay [Abandoned] by MannyBruhWhoElse
Isekai Le Fay~ Familiar of Fay [Ab...by Manny
[This story slowly descends into a crack fic, you've been warned.] As a Guardian, it's his duty to follow orders. Especially protecting mankind's extinction. And yet, he...
Fate/Stay Mamono by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Fate/Stay Mamonoby Change is Good
Let's just say.... Zelretch is the one to blame. Test fic
Honkai Impact: My Odyssey (Honkai Impact x M!Reader) by The_Duck_Tuna
Honkai Impact: My Odyssey (Honkai...by Bianka Ataegina
"Brilliant people shine more brightly than ordinary ones. They never regret or agonize over what they've done." Archer.
The Sword Of Justice (Male Reader x DC) by Ghuzt_D_Bloodedge
The Sword Of Justice (Male Reader...by Actually Satan
Archer... or EMIYA. He was a hero who was disillusioned with his ideals and turned his back on them after seeing in horror what he has done... What happened if he end up...
SCP:UBW by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
SCP:UBWby Change is Good
Our main Vampire man is in his old tricks again! And this time, EMIYA is in a pickle.
Fate/Zasshuu! (Shirou x Female Gilgamesh) by Eroge-Chan
Fate/Zasshuu! (Shirou x Female Gil...by Eroge-Chan
Shirou Emiya and Gilgamesh were fighting and Gilgamesh almost won....until a Heroic Spirit named Tiresias casted a curse on Gilgamesh turning him into a female, and Tra...
False Hero (Kiritsugu M Reader x Shield Hero) by TheAnimeManofYeet
False Hero (Kiritsugu M Reader x S...by TheAnimeManofYeet
Brought into another world on accident from a foreign goddess, Y/n, the False Hero is inserted into a battle for the safety of the new world. A place similar to a mediev...
The New God of the Forge by ahmadnazem
The New God of the Forgeby Am0104
shirou emiya merges with hephaestus the god of forge after being absorbed by the grail, he will try to help the heroes of old to get happy endings.
Shirou Emiya In Fate/Zero [Miyuverse Shirou] by Kiyone-Chan
Shirou Emiya In Fate/Zero [Miyuver...by AyanoChibi
Miyuverse Shirou Emiya still has to complete his side of the contract in ensuring Miyu's happiness. As Alaya has given him the chance to fulfil the oath he has made, she...
A hero of justice [My hero academia x Shirou Emiya] by TheLanceLonginus
A hero of justice [My hero academi...by TheHolyLance
Born son of the Yaoyorozu family Twin of Momo A faker compared to his sister who's grand creation is far superior to his mere imitation A boy who desperately wants to gi...
Fate and Union Reacts to The Sword Saint of Union  by FireRogueWolf25
Fate and Union Reacts to The Sword...by Oliver vazquez
The main members of the Unionverse and Fate universe along with a few others were kidnapped. They were kidnapped to watch alternate universe of their universes starring...
The Emiya-Tohsaka Family by ExTulzion
The Emiya-Tohsaka Familyby ExTulzion
A Ray Shift that will change the 5th Holy Grail War entirely with the two siblings arriving at different places of the same event. If only Shirou, Rin, Gudao and Gudako...
The Avenger Class Servant (A Fate/Stay Night/Avengers crossover) by BW1301
The Avenger Class Servant (A Fate...by JV Magecraft
After being sent by Alaya and Gaia, counter guardian Shirou Emiya finds himself in the superhero world of the Avengers. Is Loki's plan the threat he is supposed to figh...
Remnant's Counter Guardian (RWBY x EMIYA) by SadmanDanteEnd
Remnant's Counter Guardian (RWBY x...by Sadman Sami Monsur
After finishing one of his missions, Counter Guardian EMIYA now has the task of saving a dying world from monsters, evil criminals and a witch in the world of Remnant Ar...
Fate Grand Order: Masters of Fate by NightcoreNaegiri
Fate Grand Order: Masters of Fateby Kiri-san
Gakudo summons the masters of past holy grail wars as pseudo servants
Fate/Vengeance Untold by RedRider666
Fate/Vengeance Untoldby Red666
"I ride, and Hell follows with me." - Ghost Rider Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images or videos that might be used
Hikari No Tabi [Fate/Stay Night] [MOVED] by MannyBruhWhoElse
Hikari No Tabi [Fate/Stay Night] [...by Manny
This story has been moved onto my second account which is now my main. Life moves on naturally and undisrupted, everything is natural. But at the same time, he feels as...