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Emily Under The Weather by nervouswriter09
Emily Under The Weatherby nervouswriter09
So this story takes place in season 1 of Dickinson, during episode 6. Emily fakes being ill, but after a midnight swim in the lake with Ben, it becomes the truth. Also...
That's Not Me by AdrienneDiorXVI
That's Not Meby ▕⃝⃤
Hailee Steinfeld X female Reader Hailee Steinfeld is an award winning actress and singer who is known to have a bad girl reputation. (Y/N) is an inspiring artist who is...
Hailee Steinfeld One-Shots by emitypewriter
Hailee Steinfeld One-Shotsby haizdirection
This includes: -Fluff -Angst -Smut (🌋) -I also write requests! Ships could be: -Hailee x y/n -Hailee x (co-star in show used) -(Hailee character) x y/n -(Hailee charac...
Hailee steinfeld characters imagines by iamrockst4r
Hailee steinfeld characters imagin...by why be alive and yea
Im not good at writing im sorry but this will contain all characters played by hailee including herself. Enjoy fellow simps (:
Hailee Steinfeld - oneshots  by MarvelxDickinson
Hailee Steinfeld - oneshots by Hsraylla
This is a one shot book with the wonderful Hailee Steinfeld x f!reader. - #3 Hailee (1/23) #1 HaileeeSteinfeld (1/23)
Not their kind-hailee steinfeld x oc by urfavgay4
Not their kind-hailee steinfeld x...by Ina<3
Jennifer had to start private school midterm .... Worst thing to happen to her until she met Hailee who turned out to be her biggest regret but also the best thing to ha...
Born Heartless by iamrockst4r
Born Heartlessby why be alive and yea
When a drunk Y/n meets a also drunk Hailee, they find a spark. Hailee leads Y/n to her house with both of them drunk. The next morning Y/n leaves thinking nothing of it...
Hailee Steinfeld Oneshots by Steinfan5247
Hailee Steinfeld Oneshotsby Y/N Bishop
Oneshots of Hailee Steinfeld! (Female reader) Cover credits go to @monstermunchies69 ! Started: 17/10/2022 Finished:
Butterflies| Hailee Steinfeld Imagines by Wolves_Run_In_Packs
Butterflies| Hailee Steinfeld Imag...by xxMaximoffxx
Hailee and her characters imagines
Hailee Steinfeld One Shots by paige_vers
Hailee Steinfeld One Shotsby Paige is gay
This will include one shots of her and her characters Please enjoy!!!! I don't update much Also I'm in process of updating my books so yeah Thanks for reading!
Dickinson Poems by AlexandriaMaxim
Dickinson Poemsby Alexandria Maxim
Collection of poems by Emily Dickinson used in the Dickinson TV series.
DESTINED - An EmiSue Love story by AreYouNobodyToo11
DESTINED - An EmiSue Love storyby NiniLimario11
Do you believe in reincarnation? The rebirth of a soul in a new body? Past lives? Perhaps you don't, nobody could condemn you, because as a matter of fact, many doesn't...
BACK TO LIFE (Emisue/Huntfeld) by AreYouNobodyToo11
BACK TO LIFE (Emisue/Huntfeld)by NiniLimario11
A bunch of short stories or one-shots about Emisue/Huntfeld. Hope you'll like them. DISCLAIMER: This is only a fan fiction, these characters are not mine nor do I state...
Emisue by ClexaXx
Emisueby ClexaXx
These two girls randomly meet and they can see they have a connection but later things get more complicated.
All My Stars Aligned by claschmitty
All My Stars Alignedby clas
A wild imagination of Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Hunt's friendship/relationship, from the beginning to the end of filming Dickinson. A bit angsty:) This is just pure imag...
Hailee Steinfeld Oneshots (GxG) by KateBishopFan
Hailee Steinfeld Oneshots (GxG)by KateBishopFan
Hailee Steinfeld Oneshots! I do fluff, angst, smut, etc.. You can request in my dms or in the comment section of my book. Request status: Open and bone dry Hailee Stein...
Hailee Steinfeld Imagines by Haiz_simp4ever
Hailee Steinfeld Imaginesby Haiz_simp4ever
Imagines, Preferentes and Drabbles of Hailee cause this girl deserves the world.💖 I want to mention that English is not my first language and I am still learning so you...
𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨, EMISUE by ElysianSkies529
𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨, E...by your mother.
!!very chaotic!! !!very gay!! !!very messed up!! don't say i didn't warn ya~~
Hailee Character One-Shots!! by EmilyGJ0
Hailee Character One-Shots!!by Emily
- Hailee Steinfeld - Emily Junk - Emily Dickinson - Nadine Franklin - Kate Bishop - & More!!