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RWBY: Mercury x Emerald by EmmaLove156
RWBY: Mercury x Emeraldby Emrue~Chan
After the silver eyes incident and meeting Salem, It seemed that Cinder didn't need Emerald nor Mercury anymore. So Emerald makes a decision of her own, will Mercury hel...
RWBY Partners In Crime //EMERALD X MERCURY FANFICTION\\ by munabyge
RWBY Partners In Crime //EMERALD X...by Noa
I think I don't have to explain much about the ship Emery if it comes to the anime called 'RWBY'. The ship is Emerald Sustrai (who is a thief) x Mercury Black (who isn't...
RWBY Next Generation Roleplay by HolographicAge
RWBY Next Generation Roleplayby Holo
Read the title BECAUSE *goes in sock mode* TODAY I AM A SOCK!
Team SSOL by RenoAndAxel4Life2016
Team SSOLby RenoAndAxel4Life2016
Scarlet(daughter of Torchwick and Ruby),Sapphire(daughter of Mercury and Emerald),Olivia(daughter of Ozpin and Glynda),and Lilly(daughter of Lie Ren and Nora) make an od...