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Betrothed to the wrong gentleman: Historical Fiction by Sinaidkincaid16
Betrothed to the wrong gentleman:...by Sinaid
SYNOPSIS Lady Madison Sanford dreams of a blissful life being married to a gentleman with a title, and settling down to a contented life, taking her place as a lady in t...
Sammy The Stinker by nozzleabdl
Sammy The Stinkerby Nozzle
When Sammy can't control their bladder and bowels, they are forced to change their attire.
You've Got That One Thing (One Direction Fan Fiction) by XEvilPandaX
You've Got That One Thing (One Dir...by Mysterious Girl☯
{completed} - When Lexi gets dragged to a One Direction concert with her best friend, she ends up getting asked backstage by one of the 5 band members themself. But afte...
What Would You Do For Your Life? Arthur Morgan X Micah Bell NSFW by EmmaEvans394
What Would You Do For Your Life? A...by Emma Evans
Arthur loves to give Micah hell, and Micah has simply had enough. TW: smut (obviously), gunplay, humiliation, unfinished "business"
Track Love by _trackstar_
Track Loveby _trackstar_
A young girl who dedicates her love to track and field is tired of being let down by others. She learns to become independent and to focus on school instead of boys. As...
Perks Of Being A Stunt Double by XxDoubleExX
Perks Of Being A Stunt Doubleby Dee
If you ask Marianne Davidson, nothing was worse than working in Hell- er, Hollywood. Except if you're working as personal assistant to Hollywood's "It" couple...
Ten dollars and a six pack by lovehearts24
Ten dollars and a six packby Tanisha
Eloise Bailey has a usual unusual teenage life, she's sixteen and it's the first day of the school year. Her best friend Riley is without a doubt one of the most gorgeou...
One Sip, One Love by IvanAbbu
One Sip, One Loveby IvanAbbu
You met your rival. You want to beat him in everything, let it be academics or sports. But oneday you found yourself inlove with him.
Violets Are Blue - Introductions by thepurpledinosaurcup
Violets Are Blue - Introductionsby thepurpledinosaurcup
Violet's mom just got married. Even her little brother seems to have found a little nerd buddy but she cant get the guy shes been besties withnsince the sand box to like...
I go back to her by lisascout_2000
I go back to herby lisascout_2000
Poem describing who I am after I've shucked off all the things I became for my mother, and in opposition to my mother.
Story of my life by Lukehemmings2014
Story of my lifeby Lukehemmings2014
My life Is fucked up. It's like living in hell but not I don't get it. I get bullied, I'm failing most of my classes, and the worst part is that my parents don't give a...
UNENDING FAULTS by herself14
'ɪᴛ's ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇs ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴇxᴘᴇᴄᴛ.' ǫᴜᴀɢᴍɪʀᴇ: that's the word; the word that defines the twists, misunderstandings, uncertainty, love, and several feelings among so...
My Tampon Dilemma. by emilygrace300
My Tampon Dilemma.by emilygrace300
The story of when both my tampin and my dignity sank.
There Is No Light Here by KeyserSoze_
There Is No Light Hereby Jean-Luci-Picard
OCD isn't a cute quirk. Hearing voices isn't amusing. Seeing people isn't something to laugh about. Depression doesn't make you cool. A collection of poetry that is ver...
Delete Search History by KrisBather
Delete Search Historyby Kris Bather
Being called in to a meeting with your boss about inappropriate Googling at work can never end well.