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The Little Moments by FancyStyler
The Little Momentsby A-PLL💕
Completed; Spencer and Toby were a couple since high school up until the second year of college when Spencer suddenly dropped out of the college they were going to. She...
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PRETTY Little LOVE (emison fanfic) by anonymous_1698
PRETTY Little LOVE (emison fanfic)by A
A slightly different kind of Emison story where Emily's the one who went M.I.A from the group. When she finds her way back to Rosewood, Emily doesn't remember Alison, or...
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PLL One Shots by AllysWaffleHouse
PLL One Shotsby Anne
I suck at summarys. Basically, just sad, happy, or tear your heart out PLL one shots featuring your favorite ships. Requests? Comment them.
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What would I do Without You (An Emaya Fanfic) by p_l_l_all_the_way_
What would I do Without You (An Em...by Erin
What if Maya really was alive? She wasn't really dead after all. What would Emily think of Maya faking her death? Where was Maya all this time? Why did Maya fake her dea...
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The Next Targets. by p_l_l_all_the_way_
The Next Targets.by Erin
Ten years from now. The liars all have gotten married and life has gone on with out A. They all have kids that become the next target when A comes back. *Warning Short C...
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Pll one shots by Taylor418Christina
Pll one shotsby Taylor Christina
I will do this when I feel like I have a good idea. This will have gay/lesbian ones.
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After finding out Toby is helping A |NOT WRITING ANYMORE| by coralee2001
After finding out Toby is helping...by coralee2001
Spencer finds out Toby is A and it all goes down hill from there. After Toby leaves Spencer goes crazy. Still in love with him though she wants all the answers.
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Total Eclipse of the Heart by GrimLiFiendish
Total Eclipse of the Heartby GrimLiFiendish
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Revised some) Synopsis: This is kind of an AU/Re-write of Never Letting Go better synopsis later Warning: it is a rough draft and will probab...
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The PLL Ship Game by PLLxDM
The PLL Ship Gameby abby
Come on and play! Everyone's welcome! Rules: I will write a ship name between two random people from Pretty Little Liars and say who is in the ship. These ships can be t...
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Alison Dilaurentis is Pregnant by fanfreak1010
Alison Dilaurentis is Pregnantby Brooke
Alison Dilaurentis the queen bee. She got everything she wanted, until one day she winds of pregnant. Cyrus kidnaps her and rapes her. She got pregnant along the way. - ...
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Our new future |NOT WRITING ANYMORE| by coralee2001
Our new future |NOT WRITING ANYMOR...by coralee2001
This is book two to a spencer and toby story.
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A Book of Oneshots by i_have2manyOTPS
A Book of Oneshotsby i_have2manyOTPS
Hi! I am back, after a whole god damn year, I...am...back. In honor of me being back, I will be making a bunch of oneshots on the different ships I wrote about a few yea...
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British Lover by NatachaOpsomer
British Loverby Natacha_#DIP
Ça aurait pu s'appeler "une anglaise fan de musique (et surtout de Camila Cabello), qui vit à Paris et qui a toujours galéré dans la vie (surtout question relations...
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Maybe we are meant to be  by inlovewithezria25
Maybe we are meant to be by The Writer
When Aria gives Ezra the ticket to see Nicole, what if he doesn't want it...what if he doesn't want Nicole? What if he only wants to Marry Aria and be happy..without Nic...
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Fields - An Emaya Fanfiction by Rain8owDash
Fields - An Emaya Fanfictionby Rain8owDash
Short, but unbelievably sweet
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Game on, Little Liars! | holysmoak by holysmoak
Game on, Little Liars! | holysmoakby —mona vanderwaal
Hey bitches! You don't need a description for this story. Just read. It's going to be so much fun to watch those five little liars get tangled in mysteries around Rosewo...
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Emily and Maya: Our story by carmen_haze
Emily and Maya: Our storyby carmen_haze
This is my first fan fiction or story and is about Maya and Emily from PLL. Maya receives texts from A and her and Emily's lives change dramatically.
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PLL chat (guy version) by inlovewithezria25
PLL chat (guy version)by The Writer
This is just like my story PLL Facebook chat except this time it's the guy version of it with a different plot
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In an Unlikely Dream by laurdillon
In an Unlikely Dreamby pretty_little_liar17
Have you ever watched the show PRETTY LITTLE LIARS? Well if you have, than your going to love this. 4 girls, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are lonely and grieving over...
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