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INSTAGRAM||GAY by mopsy2001
Alycia Debnam-Carey||Eliza Taylor Anna kendrick||Brittany Snow Camila Cabello||Lauren Jauregui Ariana Grande||Taylor Swift Shay Mitchell||Sasha Pieterse Naya Rivera||Hea...
  • arianagrande
  • gay
  • bechloe
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The Bad Girls Nerd [DISCONTINUED] {Elycia AU} by Dream___Wolf
The Bad Girls Nerd [DISCONTINUED]...by Allison Ezell
[Hiatus] Elycia AU, ElizaxAlycia, girlxgirl, gay. Alycia is the schools well known nerd who is also openly lesbian, but hey everyone is open about they're sexuality now...
  • elycia
  • octaviablake
  • marieavgeropoulos
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A Night to Remember by arclight279
A Night to Rememberby arclight279
After the conclusion of the 3rd season of 'The 100', Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey run into each on a night out in Vegas. What will they discover has happened the...
  • elizajanetaylor
  • elizajane
  • alyciadebnam-carey
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Luz en la tormenta (ADAPTACION CLEXA AU) by VanessaBlock4
Luz en la tormenta (ADAPTACION CLE...by whitewarrior
Cuando la luz en las vidas de dos personas llega bajo una tormenta.
  • los100
  • lexa
  • clexa
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Always by your side | Clexa by soulclexa
Always by your side | Clexaby soulclexa
Modern Clexa: Clarke and Lexa are two best friends. When one wants more, but the other one doesn't, that's where things get complicated. Finding your soulmate doesn't g...
  • becho
  • the100
  • ranya
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Surviving or Living by TaySwiftFrozenOUAT
Surviving or Livingby TaySwiftFrozenOUAT
It's been a year since the apocalypse has started. With her family, Alicia Clark, a now 18 years old girl, tries everything to survive. But things suddenly change when s...
  • elyzalex
  • ftwd
  • fearthewalkingdead
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Clexa Memes by fullimagination97
Clexa Memesby fullimagination97
Funny Clexa/Eyicia Moments. memes encontrados en internet, creditos a sus creadores. Memes found on the internet, credits to creators.
  • love
  • lexa
  • ftwd
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Written In The Stars - Bônus - by SkyWithDiamond
Written In The Stars - Bônus -by sky
Apenas mais um dia na família Griffin Woods. Capítulo Bônus da Fanfic Written In The Stars
  • romance
  • clexa
  • fanfic
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Superior || Clexa AU by itzphoebe
Superior || Clexa AUby bee
Lexa is a bright eyed seventeen year old, ready to start her final year at high school. She's got the school tied around her finger. But that all changes when a beautifu...
  • the100
  • fanfic
  • strong
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Lost But Found- Clexa AU by alyciasgold
Lost But Found- Clexa AUby Han
Lexa Woods and Clarke Griffin are actresses on a show called The 100. (Potraying the characters Alycia and Eliza) Lexa is threatened to be fired if she doesn't watch ov...
  • commander
  • elycia
  • lexa
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Clexa Scenes by alyciaemeraude
Clexa Scenesby HedaIzzy
Lexa and Clarke are trying to keep the peace, but their hearts are looking for something else. Among a thousand problems and situations to manage, the glow in the eyes...
  • romance
  • lexa
  • love
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Clexa one shots by soulclexa
Clexa one shotsby soulclexa
One to three parts Clexa stories. All stories are mine so don't steal or give credit.
  • johnmurphy
  • fourtris
  • clarkegriffin
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Death has Many Faces, but Elyza Lex is It's True One  by TheBlackWolf8
Death has Many Faces, but Elyza Le...by TheBlackWolf8
Elyza Lex murdered her family when she was 17. She got locked up in a mad house. All her days were black and empty, but then Alicia Woods turned up and brought something...
  • elycia
  • elyzalex
  • crazy
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Messages: clexa kik au by gravitygift
Messages: clexa kik auby Ash
Clarke doesn't know a thing about her other than the fact that her username is Hedaleksa, but for some reason she can't stop talking to this mysterious brunette who she'...
  • kik
  • octaven
  • the100
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The Ark by Pizza2Ryoth
The Arkby Pizza2Ryoth
A world where a nuclear disaster happened on earth 100 years ago. But what happens when an ark with over 100 on board, is living in space? A little girl named Lexa, when...
  • elycia
  • the100
  • clexa
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This Side Of Paradise by lexasquadd
This Side Of Paradiseby debnamearp
Eu sou, o que qualquer garota da minha idade gostaria de ser. Tenho muitos amigos, tenho apoio da minha família, faço a faculdade que gosto, e sempre vou em busca dos me...
  • the100
  • elycia
  • alycia
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Clexa with Children by Fanfic_Forever93
Clexa with Childrenby TheTenthDoctor
One year after 307, only Lexa didn't die! They solved The peace, Pike is dead and The city Of light no more. Clarke is Living with Lexa, and faith had it their going to...
  • wanheda
  • commanderlexa
  • elizataylor
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Drunk One Shots by toowayhaughtforme
Drunk One Shotsby toowayhaughtforme
Drunk One shots of gay couples! Always welcome for requests!
  • norminah
  • supercorp
  • sanvers
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Give Me Love by WanHedaGriffinWoods
Give Me Loveby Debnam-Taylor
Sinopse: Duas jovens, lindas e com muito sucesso pela frente cada uma. Instantaneamente elas se tornaram um ícone na comunidade LGBTQ, mesmo sem intensão. Se tornaram a...
  • alyciadebnam-carey
  • fearthewalkinddead
  • clexa
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Love is Love by SuperLorienGleek
Love is Loveby SuperLorienGleek100
Elycia Fanfic Eliza and Alycia meet in the set of the 100. Will they get along? Will they become friends, best friends, or something more?
  • clarke
  • alyciadebnamcarey
  • lexa
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