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A reason to fight for.//elmax-Madmage by elmax_madmage_011
A reason to fight for.//elmax-Madm...by elmax_madmage011
From enemies to...well...you'll see. Max is tough on the outside but we all know that ain't the case on the inside and so will Eleven. This is set a few weeks after the...
A life less ordinary ||~~Elax/Elmax~~|| by Pepperoni3000
A life less ordinary ||~~Elax/Elma...by 3000
Eleven returns from the upside down and eventually settles into family life, but is she always destined to live a life less ordinary... Elax, maybe some Byler... One of...
Beauty//elmax au by wonkyelmax
Beauty//elmax auby ✨amy✨
El moves to hawkins and becomes "friends" with a girl named Max.. - they are 16 in this - El doesn't have powers - Hopper is her real father - it is set in th...
Stranger things gc by Milkcamdy
Stranger things gcby Milkduds
MODERN TIME OBV Ships include: Steddie, Ronance, Byler, Elmax, and maybe a few others Only season 4 characters atm & Billy's alive just not in this bc i hate him I only...
A little bit dangerous by LPLTVH
A little bit dangerousby LPLTVH
It's not always easy to be part of a gang, especially if your father is the leader. ⚠️🔺️🔴 Many things 🔴🔺️⚠️ (There will be Elmax, but you'll have to be patient 😉) C...
ꨄSoulmates ꨄElmax by confused_homo
ꨄSoulmates ꨄElmaxby ur mom
(𝗢𝗻 𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗱) On your 16th birthday the same mark appears on your wrist. What happens when El and Mike don't get the same mark in their wrist? El soon finds out her s...
☠︎︎𝔞𝔣𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔪𝔞𝔱𝔥☠︎︎ by mayfields_stranger
☠︎︎𝔞𝔣𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔪𝔞𝔱𝔥☠︎︎by mayfield<3
STORY EVENTS TAKE PLACE AFTER SEASON 4 THEY ARE 15! FRESHMAN! (au where vecna is killed. the byers, el, and hopper move back to hawkins. upside down still exits. also...
Gay ST groupchat by TheLivingPerson
Gay ST groupchatby some user
I've read some much of these so I wanted to make one
☆彡 st texts by lesbians4vanya
☆彡 st textsby — kay 🧸
in which all of your snazzy kiddos and parents are in one chat together - - - - - - - - - lowercase intended !! - elmax, byler, enough said. - adult innuendo - mention...
Reintegration program - Elmax by LPLTVH
Reintegration program - Elmaxby LPLTVH
Elmax story. This is not in the 80s, it's...at a certain time. Jane has no power. For those who had read my other book "My third life", some chapters will be a...
Unwanted ※ by Annie_Maria123
Unwanted ※by Ann
Mike has everything hes ever wanted. His friends, his girlfriend. What happens when his parents inform him that they're adopting a girl his age.
elmax smut by frogssaregay
elmax smutby 1-800-i'm-gay
hi, idk why I made this but enjoy! (plz don't hate on me for making this) tw: smut, swearing.
stranger things texts by xobyers
stranger things textsby kc
modern au of the stranger things kids texting
HAHA NERDS! strangerthings text story :) byler <3 by pp_LOLOLOL
HAHA NERDS! strangerthings text st...by FINN!
HAHA NERDS! is a group chat created by erica. its more based on present day humor btw! credit: byleroml read their stories btw! they are amazing!
{The Pining||Elmax} by ashal1se
{The Pining||Elmax}by +.* Rainbow Dash *.+
(Enemies to Lovers) Max is practically forced to go to a very prestigious private school. To make matters 'worse', it's an all girls school. Jane just so happens to atte...
GAY MUCH?? (st group chat steddie, ronance, hendclair,  elmax, byler +  by underxurbed25
GAY MUCH?? (st group chat steddie...by underxurbed25
what is beautiful? - elmax  by sydvna
what is beautiful? - elmax by <3
in which a redhead and a brunette fall head over heels in love without even knowing what love is no1 in #elmax 25th july '19
elmax oneshots<3 by millsxbrwn
elmax oneshots<3by millsxbrwn
Idk why I'm writing this story, I have nothing to do but Max and El are literally the cutest thing in the world and I wanted to write my headcanons on what happened betw...