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Unwanted by Nordic_Norwegian
Unwantedby Felix
"Is West going to leave me too? I had always been a failure for a brother, not being able to help him through World War 2. I left him all by himself with the Allies...
Symfonia pożegnań - Germancest by neko_senseii
Symfonia pożegnań - Germancestby neko_senseii
Gilbert żył bardzo długo na tym świecie, lecz od momentu gdy stracił państwo wiedział że jego dnia stają się powoli policzone. Graj muzyko, prowadź nas przez wspomnieni...
Of Love and War: PruHun (Prussia x Hungary) Hetalia by vivtheviolinist
Of Love and War: PruHun (Prussia x...by Viv
Tired of her boring life at home with Roderich (Austria), Elizaveta (Hungary) sets out in disguise as a boy to the battlefield, where she meets her long-lost lover, Gilb...
Wire Tied [[old version Hetalia Band [USUK]]] by Cantreller
Wire Tied [[old version Hetalia Ba...by PunkyIggy
*****BEING REWRITTEN, NEW VERSION IS UP********* Arthur Kirkland, A-Class student, Nerd, Stodgy, Loner. Alfred F. Jones, Quarterback, Teen Heart Throb, Most Popular, Lo...
Before by KathrynRuthD
Beforeby Kathryn Dobson
Lucas North is looking forward to a well-earned day off. A very short Lucas North / [Spooks] fanfic set immediately before he went to Russia for 8 years.
Hungary in wonderland by awesomeme39
Hungary in wonderlandby Nicole
Elizaveta falls down the rabbit hole. The second story of my in wonderland stories.
The Fix by LastParadise
The Fixby Michelle
Ah~ Finally my first story! It probably sucks and stuff... Mmm oh well enjoy! /derp/
Liberty Lavenders by RodericZilberschlag
Liberty Lavendersby Aurónef Zilberschlag
Roderich is a young trainer who lives in the town of Vindóbona, a small, snowy village in the Austraei region. He and his best and only friend, Erzsébet, have finally re...
Answer (Hetalia) by ChidoriQueen
Answer (Hetalia)by allie
Elizaveta had never forgotten about him, no matter what she told herself. Gilbert chose to enlist in the army immediately upon graduating from college, and after barely...
Finding An Unlikely Bride by NibboPigeon643
Finding An Unlikely Brideby ChocoPigeon678
Prince Ludwig Beilschmidt: a commonly name spoken throughout his kingdom. He was a tall, serious bachelor no older than twenty. He was an extraordinarily handsome, howe...