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His Woman by IsabelleReynolds
His Womanby .*{Pupper&Kattie}*.
WARNING DO NOT READ IF NOT RESPONSIBLE, LEMON IT IS!!! this is a meliodas x elizabeth...............................This is all so a fluffy one ;P
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The demons suffering (MELIODAS X ELIZABETH) by MakotoMeiKiyomi
The demons suffering (MELIODAS X E...by MakotoMeiKiyomi
STRONG CONTENT!!!!!!!! MATURE PEOPLE ONLY PLEASE. This will be my last book in this chapter......I guess
  • fluff
  • meliodas
  • nanatsunotaizai
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Don't leave(meliodas x elizabeth) by MakotoMeiKiyomi
Don't leave(meliodas x elizabeth)by MakotoMeiKiyomi
But he had to save her. Even if it means killing himself. He is nothing without her........ Blood, that was all she saw when she woke up. A knife in her hand and, blood...
  • fluff
  • diane
  • nanatsunotaizai
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One Last Sin by LucyHStar
One Last Sinby LucyHStar
Elizabeth, Meliodas, and the others now live their normal lives at school! Elizabeth, a shy sweet-hearted girl, has a little tiny, maybe big, crush on Meliodas. Meliodas...
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The Twins' Love for a Girl by Elizabeth-kun-Liones
The Twins' Love for a Girlby Elizabeth-kun-Liones
A story how a girl has a confused heart and she needs to choose between the twins. Who will she choose in the end? ?
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  • zeldrisxelizabeth
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a wound from a goddess can't heal (MELIODAS X ELIZABETH) by MakotoMeiKiyomi
a wound from a goddess can't heal...by MakotoMeiKiyomi
" I'm sorry Meliodas-sama." She tried to say with a smile" I'm dangerous" " Elizabeth please! Please don't do this" I was trying to break...
  • diane
  • anime
  • elizabeth
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How They Met by Merlinthedragon
How They Metby Yeet
This is my hot new take on how the original Elizabeth fell in love with Meliodas and how he fell in love with her.
  • sins
  • deadly
  • meliodasxelizabeth
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The New Girl (Melizabeth Fanfic) by MelizabethFan
The New Girl (Melizabeth Fanfic)by Paisley Beckem
Elizabeth's POV I walk down the silent hall quickly, looking up from the ground for nothing at all. Every footstep I take is echoed against the walls, straight back down...
  • fanfiction
  • school
  • elizabethxmeliodas
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The Fallen Goddess by DatOne_Neko
The Fallen Goddessby Neko Zeldris
Read 'His Sister' aka Book 1 first! Elizabeth is held captive by the goddess Jelamet and her puppet who is posing as Elizabeth. The Sins were suspicious of 'Elizabeth' t...
  • geldaxzeldris
  • meliodas
  • elaine
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Lily by DatOne_Neko
Lilyby Neko Zeldris
I'm basing this off the song 'Lily' by Alan Walker, K-391, Emelie Hollow. Elizabeth and Elaine are best friends who grew up in a castle they were both raised in. They've...
  • alanwalker
  • elainexban
  • sevendeadlysins
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-May not Continue- Never giving up.. (King x Diane)  by mayumikoo
-May not Continue- Never giving up...by Why are u here
How'd you feel if your best friend and first and only crush had been stricken into a year coma? This story is based off of the Seven Deadly Sins, with the characters Kin...
  • anime
  • depression
  • sds
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The Second Generation (Nanatsu no Taizai) by ModelynMedina
The Second Generation (Nanatsu no...by Mode
After the sins defeated the demons, they decide to split up to have families but that didn't go as planned. When a year passed, they decided to reunite. Everyone had a c...
  • ban
  • senondgeneration
  • banxelaine
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♥ Sins and Secrets ♡ MelBeth One-Shots by mintchocolatechipnut
♥ Sins and Secrets ♡ MelBeth One-S...by ○ Kaya Waffles カヤ ●
A collection of MelBeth (Meliodas x Elizabeth) one-shots ♡
  • deadly
  • taizai
  • nakabasuzuki
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The Final Aria || Nanatsu no Taizai by Kyandiii
The Final Aria || Nanatsu no Taizaiby 白結晶燐夜
The heart could never forget the one you truly love. Music AU Melizabeth Word count so far: 9766
  • kiane
  • diane
  • musicau
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Anime High by ChloeFelicity
Anime Highby Olive Finch
HEADS UP! This is a mashup of Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood! Also the cover might look nice and peaceful, but it's a lie! Noth...
  • attackontitan
  • levixpetra
  • elizabethxmeliodas
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My letters to you by MakotoMeiKiyomi
My letters to youby MakotoMeiKiyomi
Hi! You don't know me, or I hope you never will, but I am You and You are me but we are not the same. You are just a clone and So Was I. Your body is not Yours. You own...
  • sad
  • melizabeth
  • seven
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Anime Summer by ChloeFelicity
Anime Summerby Olive Finch
ANOTHER MASHUP!!! Book two of Anime High. Seven Deadly Sins, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail. Nine months ago Elizabeth said goodbye to the love of her life. She had onl...
  • crossover
  • summer
  • meliodasxelizabeth
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Goddess and Demon  by sevendeadlysinsfan13
Goddess and Demon by sevendeadlysinsfan13
This is a Melizabeth fanfiction because them 2 together are my OTP!! This will be in a highschool setup so plz read and enjoy, also tell me what you think in the comment...
  • elizabethxmeliodas
  • meliodasxelizabeth
  • melizabeth
A Meliodas Cooking Catastrophe by XxFluffehxX
A Meliodas Cooking Catastropheby XxFluffehxX
It's Elizabeth's birthday and everyone has gotten her something. Well, not everyone. Meliodas is struggling. He tries to find the perfect present for her, but it isn't r...
  • elizabeth
  • sevendeadlysins
  • meliodasxelizabeth
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Raccolta one-shot by HunnyB_san
Raccolta one-shotby Hunny B
Questa è una raccolta one-shot di The seven deadly sins (Nanatsu no taizai) scritte da me per un evento che si sta attualmente svolgendo, "Writober2018".
  • writober2018
  • elizabeth
  • nanatsunotaizai
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