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The Nova Pandora (male reader x Freezing Harem) by Swagmaster4209
The Nova Pandora (male reader x Fr...by Swagmaster4209
You are a 15-year-old teen that when you were a baby had a little snafu with a nova and gained these mysterious powers.You're recruited into A genetics academy.Mainly be...
  • ganessa
  • elizabeth
  • kaho
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NARUTO EL PECADO DE LA IRA by YuukioFanfic1567
todo comenzo en la cuarta guerra shinobi.....todos los shinobi de todas las aldeas estaban desesperado por la muerte de dos personas una era Neji Hyuga y el otro Naruto...
  • elizabeth
  • nanatsunotaizai
  • ficción
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Don't love me, I'm worthless  (Meliodas x OC)  by X_ThomasThePlaneYEET
Don't love me, I'm worthless (Mel...by X_ThomasThePlaneYEET
Hey! If you wanna find out what happens in, "Don't love me, I'm worthless." Than just read the story Ships in this story: OCxMeliodas JerichoxBan DianexKing An...
  • meliodas
  • wattys2019
  • esconor
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Why she doesn't speak(Melizabeth) by momoilpuppys
Why she doesn't speak(Melizabeth)by momoilpuppys
Elizabeth is a High school student with some friends but she won't speak, until a certain blonde person comes to there school and starts to get curious. It is Melizabeth...
  • elaine
  • gelda
  • melizabeth
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Waltons!  by LoverOfLegolas
Waltons! by ~Anna
Everything about the Waltons, random stuff, character profiles.
  • erin
  • jimbob
  • olivia
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the vigilantes !  by playinggod-
the vigilantes ! by elizabeth
a group of ' heroes ' just trying to save people .
  • vigilante
  • elizabeth
  • maximoff
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Hobos || Bughead by smolysprouse
Hobos || Bugheadby smolysprouse
Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake- it's everything except what it is! ~ W. Shakespeare Riverdale's It-Couple. T...
  • elizabeth
  • jughead
  • love
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That's Our Sin (The Seven Deadly Sins) by -alexxs-
That's Our Sin (The Seven Deadly S...by -alexxs-
Kotomi a girl who fought alongside "The Seven Deadly Sins" fell into a deep sleep after they were framed for murder. Now 10 years later she wakes up in an unfa...
  • nanatsunotaizai
  • elizabeth
  • ban
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The Knight Princess by IrelandNicole
The Knight Princessby Ireland Nicole
"10 years ago, it wasn't just the Seven Deadly Sins. If we're going to do this, we're going to do this right. We need to find Armella." 10 Years Ago a group of...
  • serpent
  • ban
  • britannia
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Queen of Hearts by LovaticLove98
Queen of Heartsby LovaticLove98
What if instead of marrying Jane Seymour, the king married Katherine Parr in 1536? How would this affect history as we know it?
  • princess
  • king
  • england
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Sister of the queen (the white queen series)  by rebekahdaniels397
Sister of the queen (the white que...by Rebekah Daniels
Many have heard of Elizabeth, Queen of England. This is the story of her sister, Marian, known as the English beauty, this follows her story of love, loss and betrayal w...
  • king
  • war
  • elizabeth
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They don't know (seven deadly sins) by RavenWilliams191
They don't know (seven deadly sins)by Anime writer
Elizabeth feels like she's alone because her family hates her , she gets bullied at every school she goes to, and she's depressed. Elizabeth goes to a new school. She d...
  • abusivecontent
  • ban
  • self
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Wings | Zeldris by ijiminie
Wings | Zeldrisby —
- reader x zeldris Taking place when Zeldris was hurt after confrontation of the Demon King and the Seven Deadly Sins, he laid on the stone hard ground on the virtue of...
  • readerxcharacter
  • diane
  • king
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Apocalypse(NNT x Train to Busan) by leoninjaturtle11
Apocalypse(NNT x Train to Busan)by Meliodas
The demon king had kicked his sons out of the demon realm for not being what he wanted them to be, but what happens to them when an experiment has gone wrong all over Br...
  • zeldris
  • diane
  • nnt
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childish || MB/s by Crybaby-Afton
childish || MB/sby 💧
  • micheal
  • sisterlocation
  • chica
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Todoroki x Elizabeth (OC) Oneshots by AliceandBrooke
Todoroki x Elizabeth (OC) Oneshotsby crystlallilac
Come, one and all to one of my magical books of oneshots. Got request? Give em' to me! I do Au🌎 Lemon 🍋(Maybe) Lime 🍏 Angst 🌫 Floof 💗
  • killme
  • bnha
  • todolizzie
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Miss Clowance Poldark by CriminalFerret
Miss Clowance Poldarkby CriminalFerret
Twelve years after the death of Elizabeth, Captain Ross Poldark and his wife Demelza are trying their best to raise fifteen-year-old Clowance as a respected young lady...
  • caroline
  • cornwall
  • jeffrey-charles
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The Seven Deadly Sins Imagines! by VioletArks
The Seven Deadly Sins Imagines!by Violet Arks
Started watching this and love it so much!
  • ban
  • sds
  • escanor
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