A Tale of Two Demons by RyanSKinsgrove
A Tale of Two Demonsby Ryan S Kinsgrove
A duel to the death between two of an ancient god's most trusted advisers.
  • elf
  • assassin
  • demon
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Kah'lii: A Tale of a Girl and her Dragon by roadkingrider
Kah'lii: A Tale of a Girl and her...by Steve CS
400 years before the events of "Eight Against a Dragon", a young, outcast elven girl leaves her forest home on a journey of self-discovery, only to find that t...
  • lotr
  • adventure
  • dragon
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The sketchbook by Mb113005
The sketchbookby Mb113005
  • stand
  • mystery
  • magical
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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu by myangel1112
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dore...by Jerson Jungco
In regards to the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Sakamoto Takuma boasted an overwhelming strength that was enough for him to be called the Demon King by the other players. One da...
  • game
  • ancientera
  • demons
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Returning Rival: Realm Doors Book Two by ALMcGurk
Returning Rival: Realm Doors Book...by Angela McGurk
War has come to the four realms, and while the mortals of the Mundane remain unaware of the risk to their freedom, the vampire race knows they must fight back before the...
  • vampire
  • war
  • warriors
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Super Junior: Oneshots by salientesolstice
Super Junior: Oneshotsby J E B A L
Your typical Super Junior X Reader one-shots. I'm really lazy at copyright details but you know, I only own the plot here and if any of the scenes are quite familiar to...
  • heechul
  • kyuhyun
  • ryeowook
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Ranger's Journal by MichaelBoesen
Ranger's Journalby Michael Boesen
This journal contains the stories and adventures of Artimus Chan. He has left everything and moved to the small village of Colles Pogo. His long time friend Valls swears...
  • boesen
  • ranger
  • powers
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Alynthia by Ominous_Skies
Alynthiaby Obscured_Reality
Read the book and you'll see. Fantasy and mystery are the main categories of the story.
  • elf
  • highpriestess
  • shipwreck
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Moon's Lament by koifishkai
Moon's Lamentby Kai Evergreen
"Shut the fuck up, you curly twat." ...Created 6/26/18.
  • darkelf
  • witch
  • queer
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Shattered by your touch by Theusernamenoonehas
Shattered by your touchby The Girl Behind The Screen
  • supernatural
  • solitary
  • daisy
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super júnior  by Tokyo1986
super júnior by Tokyo-chan
imagine dos sujus
  • elf
  • superjunior
Catilina Newcome [ENG]  by _mikoto
Catilina Newcome [ENG] by Mikoto
The Earth, 2075 year. In everyday life people have changed a lot: lack of drinking water, overpopulation, but nevertheless many cities - ghosts do not remain empty - rad...
  • usa
  • earth
  • elf
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Title: Crazy Ahjussis
By: ELFabPh by FabPHClans
Title: Crazy Ahjussis By: ELFabPhby FabulousPH Clans
This is a story written by ELFabPH's Founders, Admins & Members as their entry for FabulousPHClans' 1st Weekly Activity
  • superjunior
  • fabulousphclans
  • elfabph
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cottage / changlix by geen-ote
cottage / changlixby 「uwu」
" a little elf in a cottage "
  • mystical
  • changlix
  • nature
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The Forbidden Flower by -MDWrites-
The Forbidden Flowerby Mikayla
Tían is a faerie, born from a flower. Víl is an elf, born from droplets of water hitting earth.
  • fantasy
  • theforbiddenflower
  • romance
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No Way ! | Tłumaczenie Pl by Wicherowaa
No Way ! | Tłumaczenie Plby
tłumaczenie komiksu no way
  • manga
  • comiks
  • fantazy
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Dragon of the Void by JSmidt
Dragon of the Voidby JSmidt
Kane Solbourne is the last of his kind, and he is on the run. Not from a great enemy, but from the shadows of his past. However, no matter how far he runs, fate has a...
  • dwarf
  • gnomes
  • magic
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||Catapult|| ⭐A Naruto Fanfiction⭐ by Turtle-OPS
||Catapult|| ⭐A Naruto Fanfiction⭐by Turtle-OPS
Tori Kōkai. She was a female. But people that saw her for the first time thought she was a male. Everytime, she had to repeat that she was indeed a girl. Then people wou...
  • ability
  • watermelon
  • naruto
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Elia Crystal Cycle : Une quête Fantastique ! by NakoLaNeko
Elia Crystal Cycle : Une quête Fan...by Crystal shishi
Crystal est une jeune fille dépressive sortant tout juste de l'adolescence. Elle décide de se prendre en main pour se sortir de cette situation. Sa vie pris alors un tou...
  • bat
  • mage
  • quête
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