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The 7th Element of Harmony by Trilla_Forced
The 7th Element of Harmonyby ArtfulHowell (IG)
Fluttershy is walking around in the forest where she stumbles upon something shimmering. She doesn't know what it is so she shows Twilight. Question is, what is this mys...
Rainbows Life by Baileydash613
Rainbows Lifeby Baileydash613
this story is about rainbows hard time ahead been abused torchered by her dad. she misses school and get a bullied for no reason! read to find out how she makes it. go o...
Kiss by ApplejackM
Kissby StarbucksKitty18
AppleDash is in! Only if Pinkie wasn't jealous... I'm trying to post at least 1 chapter on the weekdays and 2 on the weekend days, so there will always be new chapters t...
A Discorded Love (My Little Pony/Discord) by JasminePosey
A Discorded Love (My Little Pony/D...by Jasmine Posey
Imagine this: You're the average pegasister, living a normal teenage life. Not a day in your life had you ever thought you were something more. Maria Mohar was this pers...
MLP The Movie Sonic's Adventure (Completed) by QueenMaximusAutopony
MLP The Movie Sonic's Adventure (C...by Maximus
This story owner is SonicPrime972 and I like this awesome story. That's why I decided share here. Well, I hope you like it.
The Moon Princess by Lunar_Heart
The Moon Princessby Lunar Heart
*Under Editing* Princess Luna has a Daughter, and not an secret one. Lunar Heart has seen many things, to an evil King being banished to losing her mother to an evil Ni...
Awesome Rainbow Dash (To Be Continued) by Awesomeisthenewcool1
Awesome Rainbow Dash (To Be Contin...by 2021 is jinxed 😌
This is a story about rainbows life and how she is new and feels like she doesn't belong anywhere, this story is dedicated to @baileydash613 @CharaDemonChild This was t...
My Little Hedgehog: Friendship Is Chaos! (MLPFIM/SONIC Crossover) by SandyDandygUrl
My Little Hedgehog: Friendship Is...by 🌸💓Sandy Dandy💓🌸
Twilight Sparkle casted a spell with her own magic and created a portal by accident. The Mane Six end up on Mobius; Sonic's home-planet! What will happen when these poni...
An evil inside (Soarindash) by Jazz_salvatore_xoxox
An evil inside (Soarindash)by Jazz_salvatore_xoxox
Rainbow dash and Soarin are a couple but one day she disappeared without a trace after 2 years she and her friends return but something is different about them and they...
Transformers: Harmony and Chaos (🇨omplete🇩) by QueenMaximusAutopony
Transformers: Harmony and Chaos (�...by Maximus
Note: I didn't own this story. I just wanted to share on wattpad. Description about story: Twilight Sparkle finds an ancient star chart which shows the location of anoth...
Rainbow Crush by HoneyDream15
Rainbow Crushby Honey Dream
A Different reality soarindash and cute momments enjoy
Friendship Academy by bloom424
Friendship Academyby Dusk
The girls are at Canterlot Academy and are preparing for a big game against Cloudsdale high, but when someone goes missing they'll stop at nothing to get her back. They'...
sonic and mlp by sonic__mlp
sonic and mlpby Jean MacNair
how sonic rainbow and the gang met and stuff ubout ther lives cover by @Bronze_Sword
The One (MLP + Transformers Prime) by SarahSmith821
The One (MLP + Transformers Prime)by SarahSmith821
Hi, my name is not important right now. What is important is that I can go to other dimensions because of how I was born. You see, I was born of both the allspark and th...
Fading Rainbow ( Soarindash) by Soarindashfan
Fading Rainbow ( Soarindash)by Soarindashfan
Rainbow Dash was in the Wonnderbolts tryouts. Read the story to find out what happens next.
Transformers: Friendship In Disguise by QueenMaximusAutopony
Transformers: Friendship In Disgui...by Maximus
Note: I didn't own this story. So why don't I share on wattpad? Well, read it. Description about story: A G1 Transformers/G4 Pony crossover. Twilight Sparkle had thought...
My Little Pony: The Next Generation by graciewings
My Little Pony: The Next Generationby gracie <3
Have you ever wondered what happens after the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series? If you did, this is the story for you! Watch as we follow the kids of our favo...
MLP: All In Time by Fandoms_285
MLP: All In Timeby Luna
Princess Flurry Heart is the new born baby alicorn princess. Watch as she grows up and gets ready to rule the Crystal Empire. She will see the past and watch how Equistr...
Flurry Heart. Daughter of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. Born as an Alicorn with powers beyond the imaginations of most. However, her purpose in life is still unkno...
MLP: If Nightmare Moon Ruled  by Fandoms_285
MLP: If Nightmare Moon Ruled by Luna
The fight with Celestia and Nightmare Moon. What if Nightmare Moon won and ruled Equistria. Would the ponys rebel or would they be to scared. Find out in this adventu...