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Drowning In The Dark by Seventhjoul
Drowning In The Darkby Shefali Bansal
The story of young girl being born by the rape of her mother and struck with her 4 brothers as her mom died giving birth to her. Being neglected and pleading for love fo...
Nova by julesNI
Novaby julesNI
Yet another family book. This time we get to see how Nova navigates through life with five brothers and two parents constantly breathing down her neck. .... I try my h...
Twisted Life Of Her  by Lachibolala584
Twisted Life Of Her by Lachibolala584
hola!! I wrote this book out of boredom. I've read many brother-sister books before. I felt like writing my own book. Also, most of the things in this book are inspired...
The Girl Named Rose by sweety94440
The Girl Named Roseby sweety94440
Rose is a nerd always unloved and loner in her family even with father , step mother ,7 brothers and 5 step brothers. she always wanted to know why did they hate her but...
My Older Brothers! by Mendes_Pisces
My Older Brothers!by Mendes_Pisces
Jessica is just a 15 year old girl but she lives with her 3 annoying, overprotective, sarcastic but very loving, caring and not to mention athletic and attractive older...
The Light Of A Star [On Hold]  by ReenThePearl
The Light Of A Star [On Hold] by Reen The Pearl
The Light of a Star. ________________________________________ From the moment she could remember, she was brought up in a brothel. Her life rotated around the gray wal...
Mio Famiglia?! by princessofia16
Mio Famiglia?!by princessofia16
Rebecca Rose Valantino is a shy but smart girl... The last thing she saw before falling unconcious is her father had killed her mother infront of her own eyes... What ha...
The Darkness Within Her by annmariamathew27
The Darkness Within Herby Ann Maria Mathew
She was an assassin. She was death. She was called a monster. She was fearless and ruthless. She was Zoe. ...
If Only I'd Known And Seen The Real You by LuminaBlaze29
If Only I'd Known And Seen The Rea...by LuminaBlaze[Princess of Darkn...
Lumina Blaze is the daughter of the King of Netherworld, who is given whatever her heart desires. Besides this, she is King Ash's youngest child and only girl after four...
KAWACH- Book 2 Raichand Brothers by SwatiSandeep
KAWACH- Book 2 Raichand Brothersby SwatiSandeep
The Raichand brothers had turned their lives around to accommodate the needs of a teenager. The brother who was once a responsibility became their reason to live. Devin...
Their Little Angel. by insidious_writer
Their Little Angel.by insidious_writer
Katrenzia Jennifer Fernandez, a 14 year old girl who tries to live her life as a normal teen, has many ups and downs in her life... Her mothers death affected her very b...
Her deadly family  by AngelicaTaylor3
Her deadly family by Angelica Taylor
Sienna , a woman who was forced by Alessandro de Luca to marry him finally runs away from her for forced and caged marriage . she runs away from her sons who she never w...