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the 🤍ashen which and the silent ocean🌊 ( elaina x male reader.)  by Yuzukokuroko2011
the 🤍ashen which and the silent o...by Yuzukokuroko2011
There are going to be some images that aren't mine so don't even think that im stealing them because im not, im just using them alright >:/
Saving Haze by HimAndEye
Saving Hazeby HimAndEye
Warning: this book is not edited Elaina Wilde. She wants nothing but a new start and to leave her darkened past behind. Resorting to a small quiet town Riverson it had a...
Family and Protection by samanthaswishes
Family and Protectionby Samantha
Giving up your children is never easy, but when a threat is made against Auradon and the VKs, Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos will do whatever it takes to keep their daughter...
Soft Sex by park_bella_ot7
Soft Sexby Park Bella
jusgkook x reader
Day by Day by samanthaswishes
Day by Dayby Samantha
PREQUEL TO FAMILY AND PROTECTION and YOU AND ME Family is all about being there for each other. Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos would do anything to make their families happy...
wandering witch:black sword mage by justnoob1
wandering witch:black sword mageby just noob english
versi indo dari black sword mage and ashen witch. Ceritan ini dibuat sedikit mengikuti cerita novelnya. Dan hanya sampai ke volume 9,sisanya ngikutin kisah buatan author.
New Year's Eve Baby Sample by bloodbath008
New Year's Eve Baby Sampleby Anna Kendra
When Elena Thunder finds the most perfect man to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, she thinks its fate. But little does she know that Knight Blaze isn't as simple as h...
Love of a Lifetime  by Queen_Castiel
Love of a Lifetime by Queen_Castiel
I've recently started writing for this ship. Elaina and Rehebeka would be an adorable couple! Jenna isn't dead and this takes place after Klaus is a hybrid and can make...
Black Sword Mage And Ashen Witch by justnoob1
Black Sword Mage And Ashen Witchby just noob english
(Mihawk son reader x elaina) Just fanfic I creating this because im fall in love with elaina🗿. Main Inspired by journey to a remember(anastasiastarnigth) And female va...
Transformed  by E9DP13
Transformed by Ginger
One ordinary evening at Elaina's house turns to an extraordinary, life changing moment when she is kidnapped by five well dressed men, and taken on a long, perilous jour...
Warriors Name Generator by _Elaina_
Warriors Name Generatorby NEW ACCOUNT
Need warrior names for your fanfic? This is the place to find one! Copyrighted 2014. Any duplication, recreation, or theme along the lines of this product is strictly pr...
The Red Strokes by TheQuietHufflepuff
The Red Strokesby TheQuietHufflepuff
A hunt to a California town brings three together, reuniting two friends. But then tragedy strikes. Four people, two who are veterans of the life and two who are newco...
Love Will Lead You Back by jeyenieleli
Love Will Lead You Backby Janelle Florendo
Pia met a boy whom she thought will love her till the end....but Nathan leaves her.....she met another who mend her heart..,until one day Nathan come back...... will she...
Time Traveling Witch by baechulogist
Time Traveling Witchby K
Elaina, together with Estelle, worked together to redevelop the time travelling spell so that instead of an hour, they can stay in the past for as long as they want. Ela...
Fran x Elaina / Elaina x Fran Fanfiction by Natsuki_MaiHime
Fran x Elaina / Elaina x Fran Fanf...by Nat
Fanfiction I creat about Fran-sensei x Elaina from Majo no Tabitabi.
All-Knowing God by basafish
All-Knowing Godby Kazeita
A travelling witch who has visited every land meets an All-Knowing God who knows everything. What will the future hold? [Elaina's Journey fanfiction]
Eye of the Storm by greeneggsandham
Eye of the Stormby Rhea Cobbler
Mysterious black holes are appearing across the universe, black holes that devour entire worlds. Elaina finds herself trapped in a foreign world with two strangers who a...