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Aphmau Lemons  by StarLightFanfictions
Aphmau Lemons by 💞Bela💞
❗️❗️WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT, only read if your brain is fucked up like mine. I don't wanna ruin you❗️❗️ *All Fanart Pictures used in the stories are not mine*
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°Sticks And Stones ↭ Einmau AU° by kingdaddy_
°Sticks And Stones ↭ Einmau AU°by cloudspace
D I S C O N T I N U E D Let's begin with this story...one emotional, sad, story. Cuts. Scars. Blood. Aphmau Phoenix has been bullied, torc...
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Agents: The Phoenix Secret | completed & to be edited by SilverPetals97
Agents: The Phoenix Secret | compl...by grayce ツ
Following new arrivals (oh, and secret agents) Jessica, Adam, Shelby, Ross, Cory, Max, Jin and John as they've been assigned a mission in Phoenix Drop, the elusive "...
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°Shattered • Aarmau AU° by kingdaddy_
°Shattered • Aarmau AU°by cloudspace
D I S C O N T I N U E D Travis Valkrum and Aphmau Phoenix work as two undercover agents for a high tech agency unknown by anyone but those agents. As a mission, they are...
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EINMAU (Ein x Aphmau) Fanfiction {CLOSED} by Redfromnorthwick
EINMAU (Ein x Aphmau) Fanfiction {...by JamieThatWrites
This fanfic is when Ein told aphmau she looked lovely on S2 Episode 14 :D this is my interpretation of what would happened after that episode. This is now an AU and I wi...
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Aphmau Lemons by AngelGarry1013
Aphmau Lemonsby Unknown
THIS HAS SMUT SML YOU CAN LEAVE REQUESTS CAUSE HMMMMMMMMNNNNN~ - - - sexual themes be warned this will have x reader at times and any kind of pairing really so don't rea...
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I Am The ... by NALUGODESS2875
I Am The ...by lunadragneel
I am aph a only child I live with my mom and dad the richest people in the world this all might sound nice and a dream for any one but I am aph the ...
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Einmau  by kayleetheflawsome
Einmau by Kaylee
A little ship I like to call Einmau
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Aphmau Oneshots-Ships by FriendsOfFanfic
Aphmau Oneshots-Shipsby FriendsOfFanfic
Hello! It is me Kukki and FriendsofFanfic writing this! Maybe some of my friends will work on this to but I'm not sure. Anyway this is just a one shot book of Aphmau. H...
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Ein x Reader by OpherraOraa
Ein x Readerby Zedd ro'meave
gift for a friend, you know who you are C: Contains swearing and smut ( it contains this bc she said she couldnt find an ein x reader smut) :D your welcome
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Love Trials (An Aaron x Aphmau Fanfiction) [COMPLETED] by princess_dr
Love Trials (An Aaron x Aphmau Fan...by princess_dr
Aaron and Aphmau have been dating for a couple years now. But what'll happen when an old friend from high school comes back into their lives? Will they survive the lov...
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The Alpha and the Omega (Einmau is dead) Slow Updates by Casmeoutsid
The Alpha and the Omega (Einmau is...by Casmeoutsid
Embark on a journey of wonder, excitement and slight fanboying (is that a word?). Will Ein ever get that kiss. Will Aphmau pick a Alpha. Find out in this story
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Star-Crossed Lovers ( Aphmau Oneshots ) by Zombie782
Star-Crossed Lovers ( Aphmau Onesh...by Avocado_Boi
Aphmau Fanfics And Warning, It's my first time writing one Hope you enjoy it The characters belong to Jessica Bravura a.k.a Aphmau
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There might be bruises by _IcyMelanin_
There might be bruisesby _IcyMelanin_
Read to find out more. ;) Still the the process of writing. :p #9 in einmau
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just a kiss [ an einmau ff ] by adamowo
just a kiss [ an einmau ff ]by adam
when kai confesses to katelyn, how will aphmau feel? is anybody going to help or comfort her through her heartbreak?
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Why Aarmau sucks by Furry2
Why Aarmau sucksby Furry
#Aarmausucks #Laurmau #Garmau #Einmau why you should not ship Aarmau and no i don't hate Jason, I just hate the Character.
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Aphmau oneshots by JasAndCassie
Aphmau oneshotsby Jas and Cassie
This is a book of oneshots from every series on both the Aphmau fantasy channel and the main channel. We'll do any ship, but no x readers for now, or smut. If you want s...
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Aphmau One Shot by MeowCraft12
Aphmau One Shotby Aarmau4Life
this is going to be a Aphmau One Shot with all of the characters. Credit to the writer so I don't take any credit on these stories. I'll tell you if it's my own story.
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Ein X Aphmau Lemon "ALPHA'S DESIRE~" by MaskyReaperz
Ein X Aphmau Lemon "ALPHA'S DESIRE...by MaskyReaperz
This lemon story will include a lot of stuff that isn't suitable for younger reader they atleast must be 18+ above to read this kind of stuff. But if your desires to rea...
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PDH Secret LOVERS// Aphmau x Ein = Einmau  by xoxoNataliexx
PDH Secret LOVERS// Aphmau x Ein =...by Nataliexoxox
Hi! My Name is Aphmau and I love Werewolves and Being Alpha And Mostly Taking Care of My Pups Huehuehue *Giggles*
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