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THISTLE WISH by MoodyMooseMouse
THISTLE WISHby MoodyMooseMouse
Emily Moon has one dream, one wish, and two fears. THISTLE WISH is a quirky little story about a girl with a rare disorder who despite this sets out to the city to foll...
  • creative
  • struggle
  • friendship
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Adventures of Bailey by Mighty_Duckling17
Adventures of Baileyby Jmarie Freiberg
Bailey isn't a normal dog, in fact. She is a special service dog. Not all superheroes wear a cap or some tacky costume, but this superhero has four paws; a wagging tail...
  • cancer
  • cancerpatient
  • anxiety
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Ehlers-Girl (Book 1 of Spoonie Squad) by laurabeth1996
Ehlers-Girl (Book 1 of Spoonie Laura Beth
Julia Ny is a 17-year-old highschool senior by day; by night, she fights crime as Ehlers-Girl. Her secret that's not a secret? She has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connec...
  • spoonie
  • superhero
  • eds
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Red Plastic Bracelets and Wheelchair Races by InimitableAnOriginal
Red Plastic Bracelets and Jessica Rose
Mutual understanding of illness and limitation provides comfort and unlikely friendship in difficult times, transforming the experience of hospital for the teenage patie...
  • wheelchair
  • teenagerinhospital
  • teenager
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Chronically Gay  by MySweetSummerisGone
Chronically Gay by MySweetSummerIsGone
I'm Grijs, and this the story of my life. Being Chronically Ill and Gay.
  • eds
  • storyofme
  • chronicillness
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Striped Life by ZebrasAreAwesome1234
Striped Lifeby Zebrasareawesome
My journey with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and other chronic illnesses.
  • posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome
  • eds
  • anxiety
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April Blizzard by Miss_Foxx18
April Blizzardby Meeko Foxx
It was late evening in April during a spring blizzard.
  • hurt
  • fluff
  • zebrasexist
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Weakness by physicsfan533
Weaknessby Ella
What happened today, in my moment of chronic illness weakness.
  • sick
  • pots
  • chronicillness
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The Global Fellowship by ChristianeJoyAllison
The Global Fellowshipby Christiane Joy Allison
Arthur Mallorey has reached the end of his rope after the death of his parents. He's lived his whole life in pain, struggling with his family to get by in the Dregs - a...
  • fiction
  • scifi
  • globalfellowship
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fourteen seconds to failure.  by songbird0318
fourteen seconds to failure. by gabriella
a collection of poems written by a sick girl through a never-ending journey.
  • poetry
  • sick
  • thoughts
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My life with ehlers danlos syndrome by candychloe100
My life with ehlers danlos syndromeby candychloe100
This is my daily life with eds
  • diary
  • chronicillness
  • health
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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - My Story by AJ_Panda54311
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - My Storyby Ajana
Hey guess what? It's another book! Crazy, I know, but this was something I had to do. I'm sure none of you knew this, but I have something called Ehlers Danlos Syndrom...
  • personal
  • eds
  • zebra
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All About Me by InvisibleZebra
All About Meby LJ
Well... maybe not EVERYTHING. But definitely the most important things, including a girl's wildest dreams and aspirations. Essentially a holder of a girl's personality i...
  • mystory
  • personalessays
  • ehlersdanlossyndrome
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Just A Glance At Me, Not To See by medicallyme
Just A Glance At Me, Not To Seeby Morgan
A small peak into the world of someone who is chronically ill.
  • trying
  • pain
  • fighting
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Things about my P.O.T.S.(+ additional medical issues) by ApplePie_Impala
Things about my P.O.T.S.(+ Abbey
This will most likely include my story, medical conditions, things about chronic illness, poems, quotes I like, etc. involving my POTS( Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia...
  • bhs
  • chronicillness
  • christian
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The Recruits:  Spoonie Squad 3 by laurabeth1996
The Recruits: Spoonie Squad 3by Laura Beth
When Julia tears her ACL during a mission, Jenna sidelines her and provides her with a new focus: a press tour. Julia bulks, but finally agrees. Jenna and Javad turn the...
  • teenagers
  • ehlersdanlossyndrome
  • fibromyalgia
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The Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Diary by melophilia
The Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Diaryby Katie
These are excerpts from my diary when I was depressed. It feels a whole lot better when you write down your feelings. EDS explained by The Ehlers-Danlos National Foundat...
  • eds
  • ehlersdanlossyndrome
  • clublukehemmings
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Prolotherapy: Everything That I Have to Say About It by melophilia
Prolotherapy: Everything That I Katie
This is everything that I have to say about prolotherapy. #4 in #EhlersDanlosSyndrome on 09/10/18 #3 in #prolotherapy 04/08/19
  • ehlersdanlossyndrome
  • prolotherapy