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Levi X Reader Lemon by creepypastaEJishotaf
Levi X Reader Lemonby loli pop
"ill go home" -shane dawson all of the years
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Smii7y + Kryoz X Reader One-shots And Imagines. by Queenlyyyy
Smii7y + Kryoz X Reader Falling
Imagines and One-shots for the two fashion fuckers, keep in mind this is also mainly for females, so sorry to all the males who love em!
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  • smii7y
Addicted tö sëx by DeAtHvIbEz-
Addicted tö sëxby 💔
  • love
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  • fuckme
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Random by nixonb5111
Randomby Breanne Marie Nixon
It's just random shit
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•Alone• (GirlXGirl) by SweetNothingJils
•Alone• (GirlXGirl)by SweetNothingJils
"Why do they all hate me..." "Except her" WARNING: disturbing for some readers, adult situations
  • hurt
  • teenfiction
  • lesbian
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+<>Sore Loser<>+ by alltimelove4magcon
+<>Sore Loser<>+by alltimelove4magcon
"You are just a sore loser!" "No I'm not!" "Yes you are!" Erin never knew that the name would stick. He never changed. That one phrase set...
  • loser
  • random
  • player
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Smol stories by loveingkat
Smol storiesby LVK
Random smol stories I'll write when I'm bored. Enjoy
  • bored
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  • sad
should I.?? by OlympicKierra
should I.??by Kierra
Should I update my stories. Idk. :/
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Fangle:My Lass... by Ink-Sans
Fangle:My G.Sans,Sans,Fonz,And Sams!
Foxy X Mangled I hate it to I just have no ideas k
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  • fangled
  • fnafships
Not so Diffrent by Uni_Cray
Not so Diffrentby Here and queer
Spencer Pratt is a total Geek. She plays the flute in band and is really friendly and happy. She usually sits in the back because she doesn't like attention. She's very...
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my photos by AyeLevs
my photosby NiNi
just some pictures I took
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On the edge by Kayla0207
On the edgeby Kayla0207
Hi I'm Collin sen and this is my not so perfect story
  • teen
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  • pro
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hanging out with me by jelsaffangirl2002
hanging out with meby jelsaffangirl2002
♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ this is my hang out book to do stuff with my friends, my family, my followers, and my fangirl. in this book you can chat in the comments, ask...
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  • loveya
  • pearl
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~Short Stories~ by HerpDerp123
~Short Stories~by HerpDerp123
These stories are stories that I've written or have had ideas for and just never written it down. UNTIL NOW!
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  • short
  • stories
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Just Thoughts by entwinedharold
Just Thoughtsby Amber
Here are just a few imagines and some quotes will be thrown in there some where... enjoy!!
  • poetic
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  • twitter
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idk anymore by but_why666
idk anymoreby but_why666
  • stupid
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  • feck
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