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Percy Jackson meets Egyptian Gods? *WATTYS 2019* by evilgirl1324
Percy Jackson meets Egyptian evilgirl1324
When Annabeth cheats on Percy with a son of Apollo, he goes to Olympus to ask the Gods for death. However, life is never that simple for Percy. UNDER MAJOR EDITING!
  • wattys2019
  • mythology
  • egyptiangods
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Egyptian Gods by Dragon_owl
Egyptian Godsby Dragon
All begun with that dark creature one night. I couldn't even dream of what came next. A 'life' full of surprises challenges was waiting for me. I'm not a human, neither...
  • egyptian
  • erotik
  • love
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percy jackson various x male reader x egyption gods various ON HOLD by nataly101807
percy jackson various x male nataly101807
just in case you cant see the full title its cakled "PERCY JACKSON X MALE READER X EGYPTION GODS VARIOUS" anyway i said i would write this and ive come up with...
  • harem
  • egyptiangods
  • malereader
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Into The Duat.. Winchesters to the Rescue. Book 1 by Ninjettey
Into The Duat.. Winchesters to Ninjettey
When threatened with Apep's release, Isis needed help. She then met two of the bravest men(who look surprisingly familiar) she's ever known. The Winchesters. Not histor...
  • action
  • fantasy
  • hell
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Way Hay and Up She Rises by flyforabiguy
Way Hay and Up She Risesby Arthur
Captain A. Rhodes skills include: drinking, pissing people off, smuggling, drinking, and stealing mythological artefacts from places that shouldn't really exist. Oh did...
  • nonbinary
  • piracy
  • seamonster
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Kamigami no Asobi by Luna_Uchiha1
Kamigami no Asobiby Luna Uchiha
What if Yui wasn't the only one who was sent to the academy. What if her adopted brother, Marik, was sent there as well and how does he know Anubis and Thoth? And why do...
  • egyptiangods
  • susanoo
  • dionysus
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The Bad Boys Of Death by SlytherinPrincess000
The Bad Boys Of Deathby SlytherinPrincess000
Will contain smut. Boy X boy
  • kanechronicles
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
  • olympians
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Demigods and Magicians (On hold) by pjo12720
Demigods and Magicians (On hold)by EvaLyf
MAGICIANS, MONSTERS, AND MAYHEM abound when Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase meet Carter and Sadie Kane for the first time. Weird creatures are appearing in unexpected p...
  • camp
  • magicians
  • greekgods
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Daughter of Ra {Nico di Angelo x Oc} by Slytherin_Qu33n
Daughter of Ra {Nico di Angelo x Ryse melissa santos
Akhenatem or Atem is the only demigod child of Ra. She is not a typical Demigod. She wasn't born from a human mother, but from her Father's own power. She is his Protect...
  • greekgods
  • egyptiangods
  • demigoddaughterofra
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The Death Trials by hypergraphik
The Death Trialsby adwoa
"I wanted to give this to you in person," Anubis said, taking a step closer to the girl who was evidently petrified. He handed her a crisp white envelope that...
  • godofdeath
  • chaos
  • plottwist
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Demigod of the Lost Gods by DragonForce_Astrid
Demigod of the Lost Godsby Astrid Celest
Percy Jackson x reader!!! Greek gods weren't the only gods that existed. But they are the ones that are still around. But you are the last of your kind. The last Demigod...
  • lastone
  • percy
  • zeus
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When Mythologies Collide by SoulofFandom23
When Mythologies Collideby SoulofFandom23
Sequel to "When Mythologies Meet" The Prophecy of Seven has been completed. Leo is home. Percy and Annabeth finally are on the road to their peaceful happy ev...
  • sequel
  • hazel
  • frank
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Percy Jackson is Dead? by Ava-Jakubowski
Percy Jackson is Dead?by Ava Jakubowski
Percy Jackson had lead a miraculously calm life after his trip to Tartars and getting rid of Queen Dirt Face. While finishing his senior year with Annabeth, he was atta...
  • greekgods
  • demigods
  • carterkane
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YuGiOh: ITS TIME TO DUEL!!! by ZetsuboNoTamashi
YuGiOh: ITS TIME TO DUEL!!!by 絶望の魂
Lmao fucken weebs
  • dankmeme
  • yami
  • dankmemes
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The Demigods and The Magicians by lgbtq_boosh
The Demigods and The Magiciansby Lance
(FINISHED) Read as Madilyn Evans, a witch, demigod, and princess of England in this tale where she, her friends Gwen, Harry, and Tristan all stumble across Sadie and Ca...
  • carter
  • tristan
  • harry
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Jason Hunter and the Treasure of Hathor by JimMastroII
Jason Hunter and the Treasure of Jim Mastro
ason Hunter and his friends are fugitives. Half the humanoid races in the galaxy are trying to capture him. The other half are trying to kill him. Everyone believes that...
  • flyingsaucers
  • ancientastronauts
  • sciencefiction
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No One Leaves The House of Anubis by pagestoread
No One Leaves The House of Anubisby sophia
T'was the last day of our stay in this house. No more Senkhara, Frobisher, Cup of Ankh, nor Touchstone of Ra. T'was only us, the Anubis residents, partying after our gra...
  • humor
  • renaissance
  • hoa
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Serpent's Vow by LightofShadows
Serpent's Vowby LightofShadows
He helped lead the rebellion that ultimately drove the false gods from the Earth and bury the Stargate, but he was too late to save the Nameless Pharaoh, his cousin and...
  • yugioh
  • jounouchi
  • samanthacarter
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The Child Of Night by Athenenoctua1007
The Child Of Nightby Daughter of Athena
Natalia thought that she was a normal person, by the gods was she wrong. She finds out about her birth mother when she and her best friend go on a field trip to Mount St...
  • thailiagrace
  • campjupiter
  • roman
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Kevin Chase: Collision of gods (percy jackson/kane chronicles/magnus chase CO) by hensugara
Kevin Chase: Collision of gods ( hensugara
Magnus's son was born. And the gods were not happy about it....
  • magicians
  • toa
  • percyjackson
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