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Torn (A Nigerian Piece) by BritneyRoRo
Torn (A Nigerian Piece)by Mr E Person
My eyes trailed down and to my sheer horror, my mother was lying on the floor. Lifeless, motionless and stiff. The red liquid which I then concluded was blood was flowin...
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EFE (Book 1 in The N. A Series) by seven357
EFE (Book 1 in The N. A Series)by seven357
When Efe overhears an outrageous conversation between her mother and nurse after six years of being hospitalized, without memories, she is forced to find out about herse...
"Hayır Naz.. hayır, yapma.. bunu bize yapma.. lütfen.." Hiç kimseye yalvarmayan Çağan Efe ak bana yalvardı.. dizlerinin üstüne çöküp bacaklarıma sarıldı. Hiç k...
Efe Gokce Biography by efegokce
Efe Gokce Biographyby
Efe Gokce : The beauty of travelling through England, Scotland and Wales is you need never travel far to immerse yourself in the spectacular history and landscapes for w...
What If? by RainbowSolo
What If?by RainbowSolo
What If I said that this is actually a game? *Mind explosion effect* Huehue
the governor's son by mhizedzy
the governor's sonby mhizedzy
aiden peters , a proud dude from Houston high school engages in a truth or dare game with his friends making him to kiss a new girl from school. unfortunately the video...
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CHOSEN  by First01_01
CHOSEN by Joy Akpojotor
Tejiri is caught in her web of feelings. Her love for two brothers gives her some emotional trauma. She has to figure out her emotions and also her inner demons. Hey guy...
Full Day Tour Stirling Castle and The Trossachs by efegokce
Full Day Tour Stirling Castle and...by
I love this tour because of its mix of history, nature, quirky roads and beautiful mountains and lochs. Stirling Castle guards the gateway to the Highlands and is called...
Uzak Mesafe  by 3lifnzaltn
Uzak Mesafe by lia
Efe 🖤 Liana 🤍
Efe'nin Macerası by efemmm20
Efe'nin Macerasıby efemmm20
Hikayede bir çocuğun hayatını anlatıyor.
Broken Base (Alien!OC x Canon Oneshot) by KittyUndercover1
Broken Base (Alien!OC x Canon Ones...by KittyUndercover
SEASON 1 FINALE SPOILERS After Frankie and Mo were transported to an unknown place, Elliott, still in shock, returns home, but runs into Nebula along the way. I do not o...
Efe Gokce: How to Prepare Your Press Release/Media by efegokce
Efe Gokce: How to Prepare Your Pre...by
Efe gokce has nearly 20 years of experience in the Press and Media industry. He is a specialist in printed and visual themes. A press release brings information to the...
Efe Gokce: The Tower of London and a scenic River Thames Boat Cruise by efegokce
Efe Gokce: The Tower of London and...by
Efe Gokce: The church with a famous dome, the infamous Tower and superb views of historic London. A private guided tour of two of London's most famous landmarks and amaz...
Efe Gokce: Lake District England Tours by efegokce
Efe Gokce: Lake District England T...by
Efe Gokce: Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017, the Lake District National Park boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK, containing a picturesq...
butterfly effect by RGSnowBellz
butterfly effectby RGSnowBellz
In a time when the anime and manga industry has collapsed there are only a few books left, even then its a taboo subject . Umi Atsushi lives i the year 2220, his father...