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A Legacy for Katherine by Nikkireadw
A Legacy for Katherineby Nicole
If you inherit something so malevolent it haunts you from beyond the grave. Katherine is an heiress who inherited more than just worldly possessions. Elias is her broody...
House on the Hill by evil_panda22
House on the Hillby Kawaii Witch
I screamed at the top of my lungs when he slashed the boy's neck with his claw. The boy next to the dead body stood frozen while he visibly squeezed the boy's head into...
LITTLE GREEN MEN • Book 1 by wcooper5
LITTLE GREEN MEN • Book 1by Wil Cooper
As nineteen-year-old Alex Dash cares for his six-year-old twin siblings, Henry and Annabelle, he is forced to navigate a post-cataclysmic world full of hostile entities...
silo // l.wonho by no_jams_club
silo // l.wonhoby -ʝαм ʝαм-
She knew monsters were her friend
Stockholm Syndrome  by immonsx
Stockholm Syndrome by Sunny~
A 20 year old receptionist works at a secluded hotel in the middle of a forest One man catches her eye in more than one way He doesn't seem to mean any harm But she do...
Thorns of a Rose #1 (Howl's Moving Castle fanfiction) by lilmisswriter17
Thorns of a Rose #1 (Howl's Katie
Book One of my Howl's Moving Castle trilogy It has been almost a year since Howl and Sophie first met and since Madame Suliman put an end to the war, yet their lives hav...
taste\psycho | yoonseok by jinniesjin
taste\psycho | yoonseokby jinniesjin
"you smell great, darling" "let me go!"
ONE FOR SORROW → nico di angelo; harry potter by celestiials
ONE FOR SORROW → nico di angelo; sylvia
the world is spinning and he can't breathe through the smoke in his fragile lungs , and he is waiting - for something he isn't quite sure what , but it is brewing in his...
The Key to Anchor Lake ✓ by lydiahephzibah
The Key to Anchor Lake ✓by Lydia
After her mother's death, Blaire Bloxham moves in with an aunt she never knew she had, and discovers the dark history of her new town. Armed with a mysterious book and a...
horror story collection by earlgraylatte
horror story collectionby 𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐬.
-stories after "i feel like death" are no longer written by me and come from a website for horror stories. -finished on july 20 2018
The Forever Bride Of The Living Dummy by itisemsie
The Forever Bride Of The Living Emily Cooper
Things are hectic for 16 year old Lucy, having to deal with her younger sister Bella with her life-sized doll Anna, but things will change for them after Jimmy o' James...
Wanna Know Something...? Vol. 4 ~A Countryhuman Story~ by Visirian_Ackerman
Wanna Know Something...? Vol. 4 Visirian Ackerman
Philippines... A beautiful yet mysterious woman and country leader has been time jumping from century to century with an invention her own mother left behind so that she...
The Aesthetic Eerie by SujzWriter
The Aesthetic Eerieby SujzWriter
[Unedited || Slow Updates] It's said, The best love stories happens between two people who are poles apart, whose worlds are completely different! But what if, two peop...
Two Sentence Horror Stories by KatherineSmithe
Two Sentence Horror Storiesby Katherine Elizabeth Smith
Largest collection of two-sentence horror stories on Wattpad! Rankings: #13 in nosleep #3 in twosentencehorrorstories #27 in eerie
Eldritch | Spruceworth AU by 3dream_writer3
Eldritch | Spruceworth AUby Laeti
Spruceworth has always been an interesting village to live in. One moment, it's calm and the next, chaos takes over and leaves a lot of people caught up in a whirlwind o...
Halloween Stories 2018 by hermit022
Halloween Stories 2018by hermit022
This year I'm going to post short Halloween stories for you to enjoy during the month of October. I really hope you enjoy these fictional Halloween stories! :)
He Just Refuses to Die by xFancyAfx
He Just Refuses to Dieby Mahy
If she invites a man to a date and he comes even a second late, she will kill him. But what does she do with a man that manages to always come in time? ***This is a shor...
2 Sentence Terrifying Horror Stories  by goddessRhoda
2 Sentence Terrifying Horror ๛ ελληνιδα θεα
These 2-Sentence Horror Stories Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine Bigger doesn't always mean better, especially when it comes to scary stuff. Sometimes it's the small th...
Orson by Pixee_Styx
Orsonby Sam Schill
A woman takes a dreary trip to see her husband. Orson is a psychologically dark, very short story.
Dangerously Falling. by iam_in_payne
Dangerously iam_in_payne
The Internet isn't always a safe fun place, that's what Harlow's mother always told her. But for Harlow the internet has always been the one place she could be someone e...