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Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
eel by bsdanek
eelby brooklynn
eel look like penis
Signs of AuraClan by vibesclan
Signs of AuraClanby 🌈 vibes 🌈
I feel an imbalance in the vibes. *grabs vibes detector* Let's see the vibes of AuraClan, shall we? *points vibe detector at the clan* Oh my StarClan.... There's a darkn...
Substation by FaithMorakinyo
Substationby Reese_2
Sven and River McGregor are just your average pair in Vancouver, BC going through a normal life. Their lives change, however when they witness an enormous bioluminescent...
Code E - z.h. by NamelessWhispers
Code E - Jinx
{Under HEAVY Editing} You might not understand. You'll see this -> [Edited] when it's edited... Niall just moved into a new place because of his growing power and the...
Fringe Dwellers by Time_Goddess
Fringe Dwellersby Time_Goddess
On the out skirts of town their is a city for the unwanted. Violet and her two friends Forest and Rain both live in the city. The government orders all of the citizens o...
Origin Story of Zeele by Ma5terCrafter
Origin Story of Zeeleby Ma5terCrafter
This is for a school type of thing in Drawing and Painting (Mythical Creature combined with a Zebra, Eel, Eagle and a Turtle.) From the land of Ancient Egyptian Yizheng...
Eel by DavidandJordanCreate
Eelby DavidandJordanCreate
Eel #John #Help #Please #Peanuts #WelcometoYourWorstNightmare #Halp #Stahp
The Little Sea Witch by how_dareth
The Little Sea Witchby how_dareth
The origin story of Ursula. She hadn't always been an evil sea witch. She hadn't always been half octopus. She hadn't always been evil. She hadn't always been called Urs...
Eels Are Kawaii by Raven-paw
Eels Are Kawaiiby R-paw
Eels may seem ugly to you now but I hope this will change your mind. Please don't hate on Eels.
the poet prophecy by itsssPEW
the poet prophecyby itsssPEW
as a dragonet, things were different for haiku, being a wingless mudwing and all. until she had fount a scroll hidden in the mud. haiku had fount a long lost prophecy ab...
My Favorite Class  by peanutjellyfrog
My Favorite Class by peanutjellyfrog
This is a story about my favorite class
Honest Kiwi by KiwiTuber
Honest Kiwiby Kiwi Tuber
A kiwi az story...
Rating fnaf ships! by ForeverStrangeLol
Rating fnaf ships!by ForeverStrangeLol
I'm gonna regret this but I'm bored so eh.
love for that girl by spellmaker_
love for that girlby uwu
this is a story of a girl who falls in love with a beautiful Hawaiian girl, but how will she hide her deep secret..
Spiritual Awakening: Did God Just Speak to Me? by Spodegirl
Spiritual Awakening: Did God Aliyah Grace Ruskjer
This poem might be a little different from what you expect from me. I was told that poems don't always have to rhyme so fluidly. These are the free flow variety. I was i...