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shrek x obama by shrekbanana
shrek x obamaby #brocken🖤🦇🥀⛓
mr ex prez x shrexy creature
Eret x Technoblade  by Silverstripe09
Eret x Technoblade by Ian >:)
This is for meeeee or whoever wants to read this random story- •Also the cover art is not mine•
"Oh my..." A SCP-049 x child!reader fanfic (obviously platonic) by _Milla_7849_
"Oh my..." A SCP-049 x child! •°☆milla_moonlight☆°•
ehehehe- ( this is based off- well, almost copied from a fanfic I wrote in my notebook for myself, and yes I will post it later, but it has my name in it and it also has...
Warrior Cats |Sacred Warning- Book 1| by XxAutumn_readsxX
Warrior Cats |Sacred Warning- XxAutumnStudiosxX
------------------------------------------AN AUTUMN STUDIOS PRODUCTION------------------------------------------Storm'kit, a young gray she is terrified of what is befo...
Countryhumans One Shots (Requests Open)  by Flamesock
Countryhumans One Shots ( Pax Mortis
At this point it's basically just small stories- I TAKE REQUESTS- PLEASE- Country whatevers have been written about, and there is nothing you can do. Funny thing is, I'...
Danh Hoa Khuynh Quốc- Mạch Thượng by _giaiky_
Danh Hoa Khuynh Quốc- Mạch Thượngby Giai Kỳ Như Mộng
Danh hoa khuynh quốc lưỡng tương hoan, thường đắc quân vương đái tiếu khán. Ngươi nhất tần nhất tiếu, chỉ dạy này giang sơn thất sắc, vạn vật không thể tranh này hoa. Ch...
Are you just a friend? Dreamnap (Discontinued) by KindaDrizzy
Are you just a friend? Dreamnap ( Angel<3
Sapnap starts to question his feelings towards his best friend Dream. Are they just friends or more than that? (Cover by Angstope)
draco malfloy x reader by theenbyplanet
draco malfloy x readerby Jax
Will the princess of Slytherin be able to fight muggle-born and half blood segregation? And maybe fix house conflicts on the way?
White Star Line Humans by bfb_x_babei
White Star Line Humansby bfb_x_babei
this is my first story so it will be quite bad! this story has ships from White Star Line like RMS Titanic and MV Britannic and much more! don't hate please, this is my...
webtoon "my deepest secret "theories (Hiatus) by Yosulo
webtoon "my deepest secret " alex
this is where I put theories on "my deepest secret "
Timeskipper by AliensOutThere
Timeskipperby MickeyMouseDrughouse
Kode Hearth didn't know what he'd get into when he joined Space Command, and this is that story. (Rebooted Reality Spin-Off)
Object show ship opinions by imhereforall
Object show ship opinionsby imhereforall
It's popular. Shows I watch: BFDI/BFB Object lockdown Object invasion Inanimate Insanity 1 and 2 Object terror Fight in Flight (You can recommend me shows since I alway...
if moon ended up in the backrooms by _Milla_7849_
if moon ended up in the backroomsby •°☆milla_moonlight☆°•
was originally planning to make one whole chapter in one of the books and uh- yeah nah. also yeah let's just- *smacks my oc melody onto the thumbnail cuz why not* Swear...
Toiletries (MyChrista X ErenIsGreasy) by ldkWhyImHerelmao
Toiletries (MyChrista X MyChrista Wattpad Account
ErenIsGreasy is in a relationship with Tal, but she does not love him, she loves somebody else.