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Sail away with me by randymyqueen
Sail away with meby randymyqueen
Harry, Edward and Marcel the most feared and barbaric pirates alive. Known to kill and torture everyone they come across without any remorse. Louis has been a slave for...
Our baby boy  by Louandhaz27
Our baby boy by Louis and Harry
Harry ,Edward and marcel have been together since they where teenagers They live in a world where it's normal to have more than two people in a relationship They got m...
Once upon a time  by randymyqueen
Once upon a time by randymyqueen
Louis parents died when Louis was only a kid, from that day Liam did everything he could to take care of his little brother. But one day Liam has to go away for work fo...
Brotherly - Larry by Larrybub
Brotherly - Larryby Larry Bub
Harry and Louis were a couple, a beautiful couple to most. Edward didn't really care about that though. or where Harry the CEO of Styles Corp. had a secret twin brother...
No Control // Styles Triplets by LouisIsGolden28
No Control // Styles Tripletsby LouisIsGolden28
Louis feels dizzy but runs away. He doesn't know where he's going but he travels through the crowd to get away from the bartender. When he almost reaches the other side...
my silent fears [l.s] by -curlybaby
my silent fears [l.s]by T
"Baby I'm a fool, baby i'm a fool for you." Edward, Harry & Louis © -curlybaby 2018 SLOW UPDATES
I'm in love with my teacher and his brothers (Style triplets) (alpha, omega) by jessisalarry
I'm in love with my teacher and hi...by jessisalarry
Louis falls in love with the style triplets after going into heat, Can the triplets help louis before it's too late
Triple the love L.S (Styles triplets)  by Larry_Stylinsonshipp
Triple the love L.S (Styles triple...by DNF-karlnap
Louis Tomlinson was just walking from his favourite bakery, when suddenly he's in darkness Switch Harry! Switch Edward! Switch Marcel! Bottom Louis! Femboy Louis! Smut...
louis was an omega. only one in theirs household after his mom died. his dad couldn't live in doncaster anymore, because of memories of jay. he got a new job in cheshire...
An Alphas Equal [Girl!Louis/Styles Twins] by stasialee
An Alphas Equal [Girl!Louis/Styles...by stasia lee
Louis Tomlinson is the daughter of an alpha, and subsequently takes place as Luna when her mother passes away. She's strong, one of the strongest in the pack, and calls...
3 Kings by honeybee_424
3 Kingsby HoneyBee
Louis is the omega if his kingdom that is ruled by his father. He is in a arranged marriage with the neighboring kingdom of Cheshire. He is a shy and quiet boy and gets...
The Styles Twins by HStylesLovinBxtch
The Styles Twinsby Weed Stink McGee
Just start the story already to find out:)
Bruised (a harry styles fanfic) by niallhoransgirl12
Bruised (a harry styles fanfic)by niallhoransgirl12
Emily Kart is a girl who had it all until her mother died, and her father became abusive. She never thought anything could make life worse, or better for that matter. Al...
Not So Innocent (Marcel FanFiction) by Take_Me_Home3
Not So Innocent (Marcel FanFiction)by You Have Yet to Figure Out...
Marcel Styles. The geek. The dork. The nerd. That's who or what Marcel was... or so everyone thought. Behind the tie and the big nerdy glasses was a person. A person who...
The Prince and His Kings (styles Brothers/larry ) by larrygaystylinson28
The Prince and His Kings (styles B...by gaystylinson
au were the kings of the gang world find their prince and the other three boys are there as well lowercase intended
Annie by peaceejo
Annieby peaceejo
-A Harry Styles Fan fiction- "I still like princess dresses until now." ...I just like to be different.I believe in myself,andyou can do nothing about it I sai...
Some Little Secrets➵[L.S] by poxiekitten
Some Little Secrets➵[L.S]by ✰卩ㄖ乂丨乇 ✰
Anne-"Harry.... Louis is the big brother for you! respect..." Jay-"Louis, Harry is so small, care him at least!" Louis and Harry are two boys who hav...
A Not So Fun Fair (L.S.) by damnmadam
A Not So Fun Fair (L.S.)by loving it.
For Edward's birthday, he planned to take his four best friends to the funfair. After a quick argument, his 3 year younger brother Harry tagged along, much to Edward's d...
Three is a magic number. But four is even better. by signature_smirk
Three is a magic number. But four...by signature_smirk
The Styles triplets, most popular, lusted-after alphas in the whole school. But they never find an omega to fit their needs, never one they agree on. Until Louis, a sho...