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Maria Cristina by jengann7
Maria Cristinaby your
Move on. Easier said than done. The hardest thing to do. On the process of healing the wound and fixing the broken pieces that your ex-lover did, will you choose to l...
Stage Fright by RFurny
Stage Frightby RS
A ~300 word dive into the mind of an elementary teacher mentally preparing herself for the first day of a 9 month elaborate act. My entrance to the Amazon Prime Video P...
Teaching Job Searching? 5 Surprising Keys To Find A College That Fits You by jaya456789
Teaching Job Searching? 5 jaya456789
It's the time of year when #teachers are thinking to change #college or institutes. Choosing a right college, for most of us, a confusing and anxiety-riddled experience...
Longing  by bestboiintownn
Longing by Aspen
I am gracefully in love ( or enthralled , whatever floats your boat ) with a man who I will never be able to be with. And it is just my luck he knows nothing of this fan...
Grow Your Business | David DeHaven by daviddehaven0
Grow Your Business | David DeHavenby David DeHaven
David DeHaven and his Team Does building a team accent good for you? It did to me too, when I first started thinking about catching my business to the next level? If so...
New Business Development Strategies by daviddehaven0
New Business Development Strategiesby David DeHaven
David DeHaven Advance officials, accomplices and financial specialists will be anxious in supporting your business except if the hearing and vision for your organization...
Greetings My dear friends, if you are interesting in reading a story filled with happy good times, I apologize to tell you that you are most certainly reading the wrong...
Importance of Guidance and Counselling in Education by nandu0321
Importance of Guidance and Nandita Das
Speaking with experience, guidance, and counselling in education is rather neglected until the later stages of one's student life. And by the time one discovers one's in...
Morning and Weekdays by nocturnusscorpio
Morning and Weekdaysby scorioine ❁
Jeorgia, a HUMSS student in DHVSU got herself troubled after seeing Jacobé---an ABM student, on the gymnasium stage wearing his shy smile and sweet gestures. Afterwards...
Language Education: Apex Solutions Limited by apexsolutionsltd
Language Education: Apex
Publishing is the instrument which preserves a language by giving wings to all its works and word. While culture and academics drive publishing, publishing in-return cap...