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Wish [Sequel to Hope] by Gawkwardfairy
Wish [Sequel to Hope]by DeathbyAwkward
"Make a wish." Ashlynn Connolly never wanted to leave Narnia. She missed it with all her heart, almost as much as she missed the Pevensies. But when the Telma...
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A Daughter of Aslan by ansleybug18
A Daughter of Aslanby ansleybug18
R E V I E W S : "This story should have more votes and reads. It's beautiful! Thank you so much for this amazing book!" @I_am_the_Fangirl "Awesome book!&q...
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The Dawn Fairy ~Sequel~ by Piggy-Queen
The Dawn Fairy ~Sequel~by Maddy
Florence and Caspian are now together and on a adventure full of unforgettable experiences. Sequel to my first book 'The Last Fairy' please go read that one but also pl...
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The Quest for Narnia: The Hidden Queen (Under Construction) by madness124
The Quest for Narnia: The Hidden Q...by Madness
What if the prophecy included another child? What if that child was a teenage girl, but a hero none the less? This is the story of Madeline Johnson, the hidden queen of...
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Pevensie  daughter [Prince Caspian x oc] by Violets-library
Pevensie daughter [Prince Caspian...by Violets-library
Scarlet Pevensie is Edmund's daughter. She had to watch Narnia fall to the ground, not being able to do anything against it. When the Pevensies return 1300 years later...
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This Is Home 》Edmund Pevensie by 17louise07
This Is Home 》Edmund Pevensieby Emma
Amelia Kirke, an ingenous teenager lives with the Professor Diggory Kirke in north England, 1940. Due to air raids in London four siblings are forced to live in the mano...
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The Just King And The Lioness by SailorStar213
The Just King And The Lionessby SailorStar213
Alexandra Hale has always hated her aunt for killing her mother. Her father, Aslan, sent her to Professor Kirke's house in order to protect her from her aunt. There, she...
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make it right • edmund pevensie [completed] by serpenttqueen
make it right • edmund pevensie [c...by 𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖘
• completed • "you know I can make it right, all right." - - [edmund pevensie × oc] - - [prince caspian timeline] - - [start date] 01 FEB 2020 [end date] 07 FE...
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Hear the lion roar | E. Pevensie by cat_potter17
Hear the lion roar | E. Pevensieby Cat
In which a lonely boy meets his match in the brave-hearted girl. (Note all rights go to C.S Lewis and Narnia Movies.)
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~By the Lion's Mane: The Call~ by InkandArrow
~By the Lion's Mane: The Call~by Caroline
You've heard the beginning of my story, and here it continues. I find myself in another world, one much darker and more hostile than the one in which I had grown accusto...
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her grace || narnia by queenofthenight1211
her grace || narniaby 🖤
"Wherever we are, Narnia will always be our special place." ALARICE KIRKE's adventure in NARNIA begins after she became friends with the PEVENSIE siblings. She...
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My Just // Edmund Pevensie (1) by gabbyxox19
My Just // Edmund Pevensie (1)by Newt_leighx
*Under Editing* <-- S l o w l y "It Feels Like Your Screaming And No one Can Hear. You Almost Feel Ashamed That Someone Could Be That Important, That Without The...
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Prodigy & Prophecies ➢ Peter Pevensie [1] by distractedteen
Prodigy & Prophecies ➢ Peter Peven...by distractedteen
"You're not going anywhere, if anything your little boyfriend will just have another seat next to you." Peter threatens. A sharp laugh fell uncontrollably from...
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Wanted ➢ Peter Pevensie [2] by distractedteen
Wanted ➢ Peter Pevensie [2]by distractedteen
"Oh. Milady Ashton, are you going to the ball for King Peter." The young centaur shyly asked Ashton. Ashton crouched down next to her, meeting her eye level wi...
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irrelevant. || peter pevensie || complete by prettylittleirishboy
irrelevant. || peter pevensie || c...by ✰𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐞✰
❝ there was a difference between living and existing, and for the first time, phoebe felt like she was living. and wasn't that a marvellous thing?❞ [book 1] in which a b...
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My King And My Queen by SailorStar213
My King And My Queenby SailorStar213
Tiana Brown and Peter Pevensie's love last for one year on Earth and two thousand years in Narnia. As Tiane waits for Peter in Narnia, Peter does everything in his power...
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the beauty of the sound / edmund pevensie by Kendallann78
the beauty of the sound / edmund p...by lost girl
"you're the beauty of the sound and the wreckage of the waves." Eleanor Beesly and Edmund Pevensie have always been best friends. When ever you see Eleanor you...
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Narnia Preferences and Oneshots by halfblouds
Narnia Preferences and Oneshotsby Becca Morgan
"No you don't have to wear your best fake smile" Narnia preferences and oneshots containing Peter, Edmund and Caspian.
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How you fell in Love - Edmund x OC by AdalynJayce
How you fell in Love - Edmund x OCby AdalynJayce
The title says it all. I'm going to assume your name here is Adara, because..idk why. Anyway, All for entertainment, don't take it to the heart! love y'all! Also, The f...
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Her King and His Queen (Peter Pevensie Love Story) by SailorStar213
Her King and His Queen (Peter Peve...by SailorStar213
Tiana Browns is a young woman living in England during the Second World War. When her home of Finchley is bombed, she is sent to the country side with her friend, Susan...
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