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The Problems With Business in the 21st Century and Prior by DylFinch
The Problems With Business in DylFinch
This is a story about the authors expirences with different fields of the job market, and where they fall short, as well as future chapters to come that will include new...
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  • problems
  • work
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Hundred by welkerflacks82
Hundredby welkerflacks82
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  • positive
  • leg
  • economic
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Base by alleenfrew92
Baseby alleenfrew92
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  • report
  • operation
  • mention
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Surface by gingrashowel29
Surfaceby gingrashowel29
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  • travel
  • live
  • economic
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Fly by burrislefkovitch89
Flyby burrislefkovitch89
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  • mẹ
  • same
  • hold
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Firm by vowelborawski29
Firmby vowelborawski29
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  • century
  • economic
  • visit
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Fail by balforegaggiotti59
Failby balforegaggiotti59
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  • drop
  • economy
  • together
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Body by yolaneneedleman63
Bodyby yolaneneedleman63
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  • star
  • list
  • evening
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Million by riversgustafson84
Millionby riversgustafson84
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  • debate
  • let
  • method
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Democratic by vashtiatiago74
Democraticby vashtiatiago74
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  • off
  • hot
  • often
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Generation by isahellalamb69
Generationby isahellalamb69
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  • defense
  • fire
  • family
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Stock by abelardroll92
Stockby abelardroll92
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  • economic
  • science
  • bag
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International by yolandashultz88
Internationalby yolandashultz88
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  • no
  • modern
  • head
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Young by javeddunson74
Youngby javeddunson74
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  • east
  • let
  • economic
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Which by aldrichmiyake51
Whichby aldrichmiyake51
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  • economic
  • knowledge
  • place
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Energy by carringtonhsiao95
Energyby carringtonhsiao95
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  • take
  • white
  • economic
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Local by desmadiefenbach99
Localby desmadiefenbach99
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  • travel
  • budget
  • rest
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Size by philbrookhawthorne44
Sizeby philbrookhawthorne44
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  • surface
  • leave
  • public
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Oil by roicegodard63
Oilby roicegodard63
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  • live
  • green
  • necessary
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Down by bonneeclair97
Downby bonneeclair97
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  • challenge
  • phone
  • american
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