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Summoning America by DrDoritosMD
Summoning Americaby DrDoritosMD
Entirely cut off from Earth, the United States finds itself in a scientific impossibility: the entire country, including the continental landmass and separated states an...
Past Life Returner by XSoo_YoonX
Past Life Returnerby SooYP
[Would you like to reverse the time?] [All your abilities will be reset.] [Please choose the date.] "February 28th, 1985. To the day I was born." Financial pow...
Greetings Comrades in Japan by Batrix2070
Greetings Comrades in Japanby Batrix2070
The Japanese relocated to the New World are joined a few months later by another country. A country that has never had a problem with Japan and has even maintained frien...
The Empirical Law | ✓ by AnneeSparrow
The Empirical Law | ✓by Anha
A young woman struggles in the modern world when she has to finish university, handle life and take care of her six-year-old son. It certainly doesn't help her situation...
Japan in Alagaësia by zlfnx7jnVft5gmWq1tr
Japan in Alagaësiaby zlfnx7jnVft5gmWq1tr
Japan is transferred to the world of Alagaësia just before the start of Eragon. Inspired by Nihonkoku Shoukan.
The British are Coming | Summoning the UK. by Kind-River
The British are Coming | Kind-River
February, 2022 - The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, along with the entirety of her overseas possessions vanish from our planet. In an instant, her o...
Summoning India: Bhaarat Samman by Aestas-Vivax
Summoning India: Bhaarat Sammanby Aestas Vivax
Give Me Blood, and I Will Give You Freedom." Surrounded by the ruthless and communist foes, there exists a tale of a tiger known to be the world's fourth largest ec...
Cointegration (Sequel of Dualism) ✔ by Little-Queen
Cointegration (Sequel of Dualism) ✔by Taa
[Unpublished] Kointegrasi: Hubungan jangka panjang pada beberapa variabel dalam suatu pengujian. *** Tidak ada yang paling membahagiakan saat ini selain hidup bersama Ta...
From Slave to Ruler by MisterE05
From Slave to Rulerby Mister E
Due to a Car crash, Aaron James has reincarnated to a completely different world and time zone. There, people have powers such as the ability to Rip or Quake the earth...
All Because Of Her (BWWM) by Milkshake1626
All Because Of Her (BWWM)by Milkshake23
*Highest Rank #150 In Romance* 1 sweet girl , whose family is struggling . Working hard to help make ends meet . She's always has to work hard for everything . 1 arroga...
College Research Papers and Essays by zaynnie_xo
College Research Papers and Essaysby Zainab Ali
A compilation of all the research papers I have written at university.
Rebirth of the Evil Mother in Law by Ningghu
Rebirth of the Evil Mother in Lawby Ningghu 🍀
Author(s) Zhái Miāo 宅喵 Not my work, just for offline purpose After dying alone in a mental institution, Fang JunRong discovered that she was the evil mother-in-law in a...
Speak Love by KalilahCoulter
Speak Loveby KalilahCoulter
In honor of World Poetry Day: A collection of spoken word performance pieces by me, Black Rain! Copyright @2010
The Emancipation Wars: Memories of a Naive Noble by Simple_Peasant_1
The Emancipation Wars: Memories Simple Peasant
Dying in the fields of Flanders is not how I wanted my life to end. To die for a war I cared little for, for a country that threw away my life as one throws away the pap...
Economics by EmmaHopkins278
Economicsby Emma Hopkins
a sarcastic piece about economics. the study of economics, specifically. Inspired by an uninspiring economics teacher.
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE!!! FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE ONLY!!! Author : Green ink misty rain Rebirth Of The Investment Boss summary: What will you do when you are born ag...
Horizon fury by Wolfking1990
Horizon furyby Wolfking1990
The Island nation of Thyseria, home of the Amazons and the home to the most technologically advanced nation on the planet opens itself to the outside world. When the is...
Cryptocurrency Warfare by LonzyGuwap
Cryptocurrency Warfareby Lonzy Guwap
A black man's quest to strike big in the highly volatile crypto markets while trying to create generational wealth for many.
LET REVIEWER 2019 by _arjerin
LET REVIEWER 2019by Argie Mae Villasan
This is prepared to help you pass the LET. :) Inipon ipon ko lang po ito, galing sa ibang tao at sa PRC web mismo