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The Purple Revolution (politics) by Alt_City
The Purple Revolution (politics)by Alternate
There's really nobody left on the internet willing to defend leftist politics, so here I am! The title that this book is named after is the purple revolution. The Purple...
  • sjw
  • conservative
  • philosophy
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The Doctrine of Hughesism, a brief guide to Hughesist Ideology. by user07332722
The Doctrine of Hughesism, a
A brief explanation of Hughesist beliefs, by a member of the Hughesist Workers Party.
  • economics
  • hughesist
  • politics
Profit Through Sales Is Theft by user07332722
Profit Through Sales Is Theftby
A quick, logic based explanation on why profit through sales is theft.
  • profit
  • political
  • economics
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The Empirical Law | ✓ by AnneeSparrow
The Empirical Law | ✓by anha
A young woman struggles in the modern world when she has to finish university, handle life and take care of her six-year-old son. It certainly doesn't help her situation...
  • love
  • confused
  • finn
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Miss Weirdo Is Swayed [COMPLETE] by ThePrintedScarf
Miss Weirdo Is Swayed [COMPLETE]by Hope
"He's hotter than Chris Evans" i thought in my mind. "cool ! you think I'm hotter than Chris Evans?" i heard a voice from above my head. Did i sa...
  • wishlist
  • secret
  • ceo
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All Because Of Her (BWWM) by Milkshake1626
All Because Of Her (BWWM)by Milkshake23
*Highest Rank #150 In Romance* 1 sweet girl , whose family is struggling . Working hard to help make ends meet . She's always has to work hard for everything . 1 arroga...
  • arrogant
  • economic
  • sweet
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Trigger Warning by JoyeEverett715
Trigger Warningby Joye
My short thoughts on various political issues. All members of the political spectrum are welcome here, so long as respect is given.
  • republican
  • leftist
  • debate
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LET REVIEWER 2018 by arjhinsapphire
LET REVIEWER 2018by Argie Mae Villasan
This is prepared to help you pass the LET. :) Inipon ipon ko lang po ito, galing sa ibang tao at sa PRC web mismo
  • learning
  • sciences
  • politics
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Compilation of LET Reviewer: Social Studies by dandanstories
Compilation of LET Reviewer: dandan stories
Specialization: Social Science/ Social Studies Preparation for the upcoming Licensure Examination for Teachers. This might help you pass. Leave a comment if you have con...
  • economics
  • government
  • socialsciene
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Technology by natividadpetaev36
Technologyby natividadpetaev36
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  • good
  • test
  • put
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Tax by pagasgaccione82
Taxby pagasgaccione82
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  • enjoy
  • others
  • various
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List by mareldamarple58
Listby mareldamarple58
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  • face
  • threat
  • appear
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Test by gayeespino64
Testby gayeespino64
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  • family
  • sure
  • cell
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Last Chance Mile: The Reinvention of an American Community by rodkackley
Last Chance Mile: The Rod Kackley
Last Chance Mile: The Reinvention of an American Community tells the story of how the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan have changed the way the world sees their communit...
  • politics
  • great
  • recession
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Industrial Progress Under Capitalism and Socialism by SultanKhan1
Industrial Progress Under Sultan Khan
It is a common argument that Socialism and Communism do not exhibit industrial progress. This piece has been written to counter this belief and provide ample proof. The...
  • das
  • industry
  • union
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home economics notes. Book 1 by MireilleMichael
home economics notes. Book 1by Mireille Michael Mercieca Del...
I'm a teenage girl from Malta. I had home economics and I was really good in it. I have many notes so I want to share them with you. to pass your exams or tests.
  • notes
  • home
  • school
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Maybe by foreverloveforyou
Maybeby Lovethisxd
When you And Your friend decide to fake a relationship but are you sure you don't have feelings for him?
  • bus
  • best
  • questions
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Family Ties by Hermione4812
Family Tiesby Hermione4812
When Hogwarts reopens, everyone's favorite war hero's return. Everything has changed because of the war. Harry Potter is depressed. Ronald Weasley is angry. Hermione Gra...
  • home
  • ron
  • ginny
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Including by carmelinaelosegui23
Includingby carmelinaelosegui23
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  • economic
  • agent
  • american
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