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New (Eli Goldsworthy Fan Fic, Degrassi<3) by starsburnout
New (Eli Goldsworthy Fan Fic, Aleyah
Alexis Phoniex Robinson moves to Toronto Canada at the end of her summer before 10th grade. She's nervous about going to a new school. She's not good at making friends...
Reunion  by Sweetgeo96
Reunion by Georgia Loughran
Disclaimer I do not own Degrassi or the storylines and charcters but I own this idea of the story. This is a reunion of all the years from 2006 all the way to 2016 and...
Eclare by eclare-forever
Eclareby eclare-forever
What happens after Clare graduate from Degrassi and moving to New York to live with Eli.
Clare meets Eli at a bus stop they become friends and get really close she finds out he goes to her school. #2 in Eclare!!!!!! #20 in degrassi!!!!!! :))))))))
Degrassi: Bitter Love by Chrissi_B
Degrassi: Bitter Loveby Chrissi B
Original Television Production of Season 12 of Degrassi. Drama like you've never seen it before!
The Player Behind the Smirk ~ An Eclare Love Story ~ by badapplelol
The Player Behind the Smirk ~ An Megan
Clare Edwards woke up in Toronto, Canada With no idea how she got there. Informed by a nurse of a guy who found her she meets Eli, a sarcastic, green eyed 'Dead Hand' lo...
They've Come Undone: A Degrassi Fanfiction by MattyJay4
They've Come Undone: A Degrassi Matty Jay
The death of Campbell Saunders changed everything, and after this event, no one was ever the same. This is a Fanfiction centered around everyone which picks up with Bitt...
One Way Out (Degrassi FanFiction) by JollyPopJazz
One Way Out (Degrassi FanFiction)by Jasmine
Degrassi continues to toss June into the wrong crowds, and she gets caught up in friendships that she's not so proud of. Even her heart struggles to remain whole, as it...
degrassi oneshots by coldestdream
degrassi oneshotsby kayli
just some degrassi oneshots that i write when im bored.
Degrassi AU: JT lives by coldestdream
Degrassi AU: JT livesby kayli
what if JT never died the night he got stabbed? what if he lived?
Degrassi: Never Lasting Summer Of Fun by Sweetgeo96
Degrassi: Never Lasting Summer Georgia Loughran
The 2014 class had just graduated from Degrass as they are goning to spend the summer in the best way before going in different directions. Alli, Clare and Jenna realise...
Baby Daddy Catastrophe by lina_chambers
Baby Daddy Catastropheby Lina Chambers
Clare is pregnant and automatically assumes it's Drew's. Eli is upset with Drew getting Clare pregnant and is determined to get Clare back. But what happens when there's...
Degrassi season 14 by eclaretwinklylights
Degrassi season 14by eclaretwinklylights
This story will continue season 14 of degrassi after the episode firestarter part 2 and following the eli and clare baby story.
E-Clare One-Shots by Thehappilyneverafter
E-Clare One-Shotsby Thehappilyneverafter
None of these Eclare one shots are my writing, I will give the credit and URL to the stories on before each story. If you are an author of one of the...
Degrassi: High School Love by gaygaygayaf
Degrassi: High School Loveby gaygaygayaf
Eli goldsworthy clare edwards Tristan milligan miles hollingsworth Zoe rivas grace cardinal Zig novak maya matlin Emma goldsworthy zach Monroe Clara Novak khloe hart Da...