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My Best Friend Teo Halm {Book 1} by maddieedeanyy
My Best Friend Teo Halm {Book 1}by maddie
"But there's something different about you. Like good different."
  • maddie
  • teo
  • earthtoecho
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Earth To Echo: Munch's Twin {An Alex Nichols Fanfiction} by visualhaechan
Earth To Echo: Munch's Twin {An %%
Julia Anne Barrett is Munch's popular sister who tags along with Tuck, Alex and Munch on that crazy Friday night. [Alex x OC love story] ((I don't own Earth To Echo or a...
  • movie
  • romance
  • earthtoecho
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𝐎𝐅𝐅 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐏 - 𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐇 𝐓𝐎 𝐄𝐂𝐇𝐎 [𝟐] by banksyspuck-
𝐎𝐅𝐅 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐏 - 𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐇 banksyspuck-
"i have a game. if i make this ball into the goal, you have to be my girlfriend" "deal"
  • offthemap
  • ashley
  • echo
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"Who knew that you could get lost the same time you find your self." Earth To Echo Alex Nichols FF 2016
  • sci-fi
  • tuck
  • dylanobrien
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Alex love story Earth to Echo by Music_is-love
Alex love story Earth to Echoby Nalani
What if you lived right next to Alex? Your a foster kid and have moved 10 times from them hating you for some reason and beating you. I DONT OWN EARTH TO ECHO ONLY MY CH...
  • alex
  • earthtoecho
  • teenlove
The Diary Journey by RebelRegina
The Diary Journeyby Regina Montano
Five kids write in a Diary or Journal. They've been found. People are curious on that they found something so strange. Five kids are curious if their Journey was trut...
  • ellawahlestedt
  • echo
  • jackson
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Earth To Echo: Tuck's Sister by Alex_Miranda01
Earth To Echo: Tuck's Sisterby Miranda.Johnson
My name is Liberty Rose. I live in Mulberry woods. Over a year ago, the construction workers were building a freeway over my town. The town that I live with my family an...
  • echo
  • alex
  • completed
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Earth to Echo 2 by Ninja1923
Earth to Echo 2by Rachael
  • munch
  • alex
  • earthtoecho2
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Tucks Sister by ilikedemalpacas
Tucks Sisterby LUBBY
Alice was a foster kid until she was adopted by Tucks family. She then moved to Nevada with them and made friends. There names were Alex and Munch. And that's how their...
  • echo
  • alice
  • tucker
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Earth To Echo by YoungGirlsLove
Earth To Echoby Dead account
Alex, Tucker, Munch, Emma, and Katherine. These 5 kids find some trouble when they go on a quest and find an alien, there will be some crazy things that will happen on t...
  • teo
  • goodbye
  • love
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Unexpected (A Earth to Echo Fanfic) by Athena_616
Unexpected (A Earth to Echo Fanfic)by Athena_616
It was not supposed to happen She didn't mean for it to happen But it did Amelia Rose fell in love with her best friend and there's nothing she could do about it After a...
  • familyproblems
  • family
  • adventure
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Stranded {Sequel to Earth To Echo 2} by RebelRegina
Stranded {Sequel to Earth To Regina Montano
This idea goes to bey2003 The gang is back! Echo calls for help again and the Alex, Emma, Tuck, Munch and Jackson are needed again. They face a new danger and a new enem...
  • jackson
  • reesehartwig
  • earthtoecho
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Earth to Echo 2 by Earth-To-Echo
Earth to Echo 2by Echo
Echo is the smallest extraterrestrial who fell in the middle of nowhere once his spaceship crashed. He met Tuck, Alex, Reginald, or Munch, and Emma. They became close...
  • cool
  • emma
  • dontlikedontread
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Earth To Echo by woahduude
Earth To Echoby woahduude
Story of Alex and Emma after Echo.The character in the story are going to be 15 years old. ***Not Edited***
  • munch
  • struggle
  • love
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Seeking Out The Unknown. (Earth to Echo.) Alex/Reader by underthesea615
Seeking Out The Unknown. (Earth underthesea615
In her entire life (Y/N)'s been left, wether it be her friends or her family. It would be a miracle to stay in one place for more than a month. Then Four years ago, Tuck...
  • insert
  • echo
  • tucksimms
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Weather, Water, Telekinesis, and Teleportation  (An Earth to echo fanfiction) by Shooshmagoo
Weather, Water, Telekinesis, and Shooshmagoo
What happens when Alex, Emma, Munch, and Tuck all get electrocuted by a machine? Do they survive? If they do survive, then what happens to them? Find out in Weather, Wat...
  • earthtoecho
  • superpowers
Earth To Echo | Alex Nicholas  by its_malia
Earth To Echo | Alex Nicholas by Malia💗
  • alexnichalos
  • earthtoecho
  • echo
Earth to echo by BriiBree23
Earth to echoby sadstonednslutty
I decided to write this because I love the characters from the movie and I mean Alex is everything ✨
  • earthtoecho
Alex to Echosphere by AceAxiom
Alex to Echosphereby A.C.E
Sequel to Earth to Echo
  • apex
  • interstellar
  • earthtoecho
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