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Our First Meet was a Disaster!!! by 08agapejoy08
Our First Meet was a Disaster!!!by shanxshanz08
child Mix: "I don't like him !!! I won't be his friend anymore." . . . child Earth: "Awwwh, how come that's my fault?!" "I...
Fake to Real by -jjaassyy-
Fake to Realby Your BL Writer
Two people hate each other who are always teasing and bullying until the marriage was between the two of them. Mix thought that he would be Earth's fake boyfriend, but h...
Boys Don't Cry; Indefinite ::EarthMix:: by idgaffdudee03
Boys Don't Cry; Indefinite notyrbabe
Time passes, things change. so does your heart. We use to be close but not anymore. Can I ask you one question? Do you still love me? Credit: This story is base on Plu...
4 O'CLOCK by featcsn
4 O'CLOCKby ran
"I like you. I mean I like your shop." Earth is a popular guy because of his manly feature. He loves to workout and travel. He is not interested in finding the...
Desinity Brings Us Twogether (earthmix) by eunbishii
Desinity Brings Us Twogether ( EUNBI🌻🦋
We can't find love but love will find us. Do you believe in destiny? When two people brings together by the perfect chance at the perfect time. When you never expected i...
 ἀγάπη  by aphroditedaisy
ἀγάπη by aphroditedaisy
In which Earth falls in love at the first sight with Mix, a high courtesan he drives to his boss for the night. ❁✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁ I love you so much. I hope in ano...
Plan: Novio [Pausado] by HeoneesFics
Plan: Novio [Pausado]by Heonee's Fics
Título del FanFic: Plan: Novio Capítulos: ¿? Protagonista: Earth Pirapat Personajes: Plapodd, Josswayar, Newwie, Tawan, First, Gunachi, Amp. Aparición especial: Off, G...
To Gain or To Lose by MayaReLuna
To Gain or To Loseby Maya Rechie Aluna
Where Mix suffers from his insecurity on his body, minute by minute but hides it very well. Even from Earth. The guys noticed how Mix eats less and less as time passes. ...
daisies | earthmix by spacematters
daisies | earthmixby spacematters
2ams, dusk paintings and the baggage they bring.
Love Virus by anaberry25
Love Virusby ann
"Mix, I think I'm sick. Can you check up on me?" "You do realize that I am a vet, right?" Or In which Earth were falling in love with Mix, but misto...
When Eyes Doesn't Lie (EarthMix) [Oneshot] by KhairaniMohd
When Eyes Doesn't Lie (EarthMix) [ Khairani Mohd
They say the eyes could tell everything. One could even tell about emotions through another person just by their eyes. That was how Earth saw in Mix's eyes one day duri...
Sweet but Psycho  by polarbear_write
Sweet but Psycho by polarbear_write
An Phuphatian AU based on the song sweet but Psycho.✨ I am crazy in love with this song lately and had to do something about it,so if you're interested then please check...
The Goddess's Curse (WaiixApo Fanfiction) by SweetestSin1314
The Goddess's Curse (WaiixApo Ciel
Highest Rank #1 Apo, a single young man who never had a serious relationship but have a reputation of being a playboy. He is cute, he is smart, he had his own house and...
P O O L by sadballadsong
P O O Lby sadballadsong
Another ficlet I need to get out of my system, written off what these two posts on a peaceful Sunday right on the end of May, when they travel to Pattaya together with E...
The Unknown Series by youcanloveanyone
The Unknown Seriesby LOVE IS LOVE
Mew Suppasit a Thailand Actor and a 'cold hearted person'. Mew is a very famous Thailand Actor for his very attractive face but with his very shitty attitude most of the...
Into You by Memoleeeeeeeeee
Into Youby Leeee
Drama's over, promotions done, cameras are still rolling but my eyes can't lie. Just some EarthMix fanfic, hoping y'all like it! xoxo~
Colors by luxchamomile
Colorsby Agatha
You are not a human if you live a life without giving it a meaning EarthMix's short fiction
Sunset and You by anaberry25
Sunset and Youby ann
Their love story starts at sunset, and end with one. - "Mix, in our past life, in our current life, and our future lifetimes to come, I will always love you."
Your Lips, My Apocalypse by sadballadsong
Your Lips, My Apocalypseby sadballadsong
just a random ficlet from a random thought that supposed to be a drabble sorry if some parts are confusing, enjoy :) and yes, that's the lyric from Cigarette After Sex...
MEOW~ by Emily__Park
MEOW~by Park Emily
မင်းဖြစ်နေလို့ ချစ်တာ - Earth Pirapat This is my first story of EarthMix.