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Jade and the Moonstone☾ by KJHirst97
Jade and the Moonstone☾by K.J. Hirst
Jade and the Moonstone ☾ ____________________________________________ 81,000+ full manuscript called Jade and the Moonstone is In the progress of editing and revision. T...
  • mystery
  • betrayal
  • fire
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Diverte by pwincessfunneh
Diverteby Sier
Ques D is at the brink of war. After nearly two decades of peace, The Red Queen call upon Delaine Ashryver for a fight. With her parents deceived her and her friends run...
  • ashen
  • academy
  • clan
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The Milky Way by Calalini1278
The Milky Wayby Yuki-Chan
1 million years from now- Earth has been extinguished of all life by growth of the Sun. Humans have colonized the outer planets not affected by the event: Jupiter, Satur...
  • technology
  • travel
  • neptune
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THE WORLD TODAY by horsessy
THE WORLD TODAYby horsessy
Ramblings about the world from another cynical teenager.
  • diary
  • nonfiction
  • earth
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Avengers Infinity War by AzgedaWarrior
Avengers Infinity Warby Octavia Kom Wonkru
The events of Infinity War on Earth taking place with Pepper, Happy, Aunt May, Ned, MJ, and others.
  • blackorder
  • happyhogan
  • pepperstark
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Elemental  by Silver3Cupcake
Elemental by Silver :3 Cupcake
Woken up in the middle of...nowhere? August meets Jax and others when they were younger. Then as they grow older they become so distant that they've forgotten about each...
  • love
  • fire
  • romance
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Three Fates, One Destiny by NightKitten3
Three Fates, One Destinyby NightKitten3
Follow the adventure of a purple-haired Orphan Mage with a secret she doesn't even know about, a orange-haired Princess who wields a sword and a green-haired archer who...
  • magic
  • goddess
  • kingdom
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Keva And The Four Elements  by Belleisdead
Keva And The Four Elements by Belleisdead
In a world where magic is expected and normal doesn't exist. Everyone is born to be able to control one element, but what happens when keva can control all of them...
  • fantasy
  • hogwarts
  • fire
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The Neteor (Sci-fi romance) by hannah_watsonn
The Neteor (Sci-fi romance)by Hannah
It's the year 3018. Lana, a girl from the planet Neila is finally an astroneila. She can't wait to go to space and discover the planet Earth with her best friend, Maddox...
  • planet
  • romance
  • sciencefiction
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Abandonment  by BrianxBrianne
Abandonment by Ms.Eleven
You are not alone. You have life. In life you have people. You have the world. In the world you have nature. The insects fluttering, jumping, scuttling, around you...
  • adults
  • abandonment
  • earth
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Humanized planets rp by thetrueddlcfan
Humanized planets rpby Thegameninja
Pluto isn't a planet soooo I might not involve them but I might because they were a planet before
  • saturn
  • pluto
  • mercury
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Le nouveau Speedster  by sheribu
Le nouveau Speedster by Ahmed A Hosni
Ben ... c'est mon nom ou celui que je connais Et je me suis réveillé avec des pouvoirs Classique non ? Un peu comme tout le monde Mais ... mon histoire est parti pour...
  • barry
  • français
  • speedster
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Elements  by jjinsanity
Elements by jjinsanity
The title describes most of it.
  • creepypasta
  • hoodie
  • jeffthekiller
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We Just Nobody But Powerful  by Hellyn_Demonica
We Just Nobody But Powerful by theDEMONintheHELL
4 girls hides in middle of the forest They strong and powerful But there in dangers what if mahuli Sila nag mga kalaban na matagal na nilang tinataguan Ano ang magyaya...
  • galaxy
  • air
  • romance
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Poems For The Outer Space by berlibachthoven
Poems For The Outer Spaceby Serena del Aban
Here are some poems dedicated for the outer space and those celestial objects light-years away.
  • galaxies
  • planets
  • mercury
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Saviors of Earth - A Hiccstrid story by Hiccup_Haddock14
Saviors of Earth - A Hiccstrid Hiccup Haddock
The Earth is in chaos. Under attack and ruled by Dargo Bludfist who has escaped from the inescapable Phantom Zone (DC Reference) with his army of dragons and man. The ea...
  • dreamworks
  • astrid
  • earth
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You're special to me  by Dinger1anna
You're special to me by Anna RoseMary
Hey look" Tobias whispered to me. "Im planing on getting out of this shitty town for a week and I was hoping you would come with me." "Where...
  • twins
  • ocean
  • mylife
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Forgotten by Starksdrinkinghabit
Forgottenby C.
"Every faction conditions its members to think and act a certain way. And most people do it. For most people, it's not hard to learn, to find a pattern of thought t...
  • earth
  • action
  • hope
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Fire by DatLilMochi
Fireby Autumn Pendragon
Rai is a normal teenager, just trying to get through school. One day, a mysterious note is left on her window that wasn't there before. Who knew just one note can change...
  • sciencefiction
  • friends
  • paralleluniverse
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