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Eadlyn Selects by megamoo72
Eadlyn Selectsby Megan Gregor
It's all her fault. She was supposed to distract the country with the first ever Princess led Selection. Things could not have gone worse. She looked like an ice queen...
The Omega (PHD & My Street) by kewl_Jess
The Omega (PHD & My Street)by Winter
Nixie switched from being in a all werewolf high school, she was always an Omega nothing more. that's only because she was born blind even though her hearing, smell, and...
𝗗𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗜𝗡𝗬 (Ongoing) by Twilight_X_Secret
𝗗𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗜𝗡𝗬 (Ongoing)by Apocalypse 🤍🖤
There was a boy and a girl who met in class 7 and they were in the same section. With time they ended up being great friends but something was more than friendship from...
 Who's there? by dumboryoung
Who's there?by Emily
Found this idea off on instagram. At the age of 16 I was given a journal. Why do I want a journal? I hate writing. I open the journal and write "This is stupid.&qu...
Undefined by hellokrystalfox
Undefinedby krystalfox
Scarlette Fennel, as a daughter of a high standing leader in Leana, had grown up accustomed to the secrets, petty lies, and hidden thoughts of her father's colleagues. T...
Who Are You? by lexxooo
Who Are You?by LJ
STARTED: July 28, 2017; 12:55 pm FINISHED: ? →S L O W _ U P D A T E← XoXo💓
Ean x Avery by FrooggyDino
Ean x Averyby Frooggy Dino
Avery is the sub in this story. Keep in mind that this is all a joke because Avery Kinsman pushed me off the edge into the void by hitting me with an egg in my one block...
Ean and Bebe preview  by Baritonegirl
Ean and Bebe preview by Rose
TW: BOOK CONTAINS MENTION OF EATING DISORDERS, DRUG ADDICTION, ETC A dramatic tale of heartbreak, more things, and more things. Ean Tang is a uptight buisnessworker in t...
Sapphire by ToBeLiked_
Sapphireby ToBeLiked_
Ean, a guy who has always had to work for what he's got. The life of a Bounty Hunter isn't for the soft-hearted. However, there's one weak spot in there for her: Mollux...
New Girl (PDH FF) by kewl_Jess
New Girl (PDH FF)by Winter
I'm an orphan, I'm born in Bright Port but then was moved to Falconclaw, Okasis, Meteli, then Phoenix Drop. I seen my old friends go to forever homes, most other's were...
Chosen (HOLD) by Nedume
Chosen (HOLD)by Nelson Mejia
The Definite Ceremony is today, the one feared amongst all of the kids with ages from 12-18 on the Chosen Side. You can either be free, or get chosen to serve for your f...
Sabrina's Story by sriya1313
Sabrina's Storyby sriya1313
Sabrina, a good girl with strong morals, encounters school bad boy Ean. She isn't at all ready for the whirlwind on love, betrayal, and secrets that follow that one day...