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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
  • menthol
  • usa
  • questions
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T.o.a.s.t. by FlamingBandit
T.o.a.s.t.by Flaming Bandit
Dynamo, Luke Warm, and The Reaper.... A group of completely different heroes band up together to defend the universe and to protect what is right.
  • lukewarm
  • claw
  • luke
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Megaman X Fanfiction: Axl's Abilitys by CottonCandySoda
Megaman X Fanfiction: Axl's Abilit...by Anna-Kun
The name is a slight bit misleading :3 For the most part this contains funny (I hope) Megaman X story's, some of them featuring our favorite spiky haired reploid. I do t...
  • megamanx
  • zero
  • axlrose
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It's Just Magic by pleasantly_wholocked
It's Just Magicby beep boop
Edendir is fourteen years old. He seems perfectly normal with a natural talent for magic. But it isn't magic tricks he does - he's an elf, able to create fire in his han...
  • magical
  • fantasy
  • unicorns
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ASK ME: Dr Danny Dynamo by DannyDynamic
ASK ME: Dr Danny Dynamoby Danny Dynamo
He you need to talk or maybe just need to ask a question, bring them here I'll be happy to help and listen.
  • dynamo
  • nerdlove
  • geeklove
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Whisper: Titanium City by pixelAri
Whisper: Titanium Cityby Pixel Ari
Samuella Jenkins is pissed. After three years of working with the Spectrum and being known as the 'Powerless One.' Samuella goes on a retreat to refine herself and becom...
  • whisper
  • giganum
  • doctortitanium
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[Elsword] Code Breaker by DewberryTart
[Elsword] Code Breakerby Charlie
(Add x Eve) A virus has been implanted into the Mastermind's programs. Are his brains enough? Or does he need help from a source he isn't willing to ask?
  • mastermind
  • empress
  • dynamo
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RPW POEMS  by extinctxen
RPW POEMS by x e n
Compilation of poems made by rper 🍂
  • tycho
  • spokenword
  • casper
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Dynamo ~ Mike's Twin by Ellatolman
Dynamo ~ Mike's Twinby Ellatolman
The gang get an unexpected visit from a somewhat dangerous teen.
  • madmax
  • demogorgan
  • dustin
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the short story by cute_nation_doe
the short storyby cute_nation_doe
this story is really Short like really short but I'm the author of Short Story ski here we go
  • dynamo
  • custody
  • pretty
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new powerpuffs? by lisa12anderson
new powerpuffs?by Angela123Seville
the ppgs were having trouble against new villains. then, they saw and met new heroes.
  • bliss
  • bubbles
  • bullet
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Lightning Rod (Unfinished) by aikakausi
Lightning Rod (Unfinished)by Lucas
Angel Santiago is a young adult living in the Post Nuclear Amerikan Midwest - The Zone. Ainsley Guevara is the one of the few survivors of The Ecuadorian Bombing. Their...
  • serum
  • action
  • asha
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