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The Copy in the Stars | ✔️ by autumnberryman
The Copy in the Stars | ✔️by Autumn
BOOK 1 || Ranked #1 in multiple tags. Soon after arriving to Yale to begin her freshman year, Amelia finds herself making quite the unique set of friends. After an ali...
  • memories
  • scifi
  • sciencefiction
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all fall down {completed} by lumiinescent
all fall down {completed}by • a
a collection of poems about humanity ••• cover by me <3
  • human
  • gender
  • globalwarming
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A Lightyear Away by justme1623
A Lightyear Awayby justme1623
Young Eve is sent out on a mission to save her planet, but she finds that emotions on Earth change her, and she may have even fallen for one of these earthlings. But wha...
  • teen
  • mission
  • love
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Brown Planet by Aesara2019
Brown Planetby Aesara2019
Earth has just pushed through the ecological disaster that characterized the twenty-first and twenty-second centuries. Things are looking better than ever, and with food...
  • shortstory
  • environment
  • timetravel
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Zaplicoo (A) by Zayn_Thunder
Zaplicoo (A)by Zayn_Thunder
The planet Starric is dying and only one warrior can stop in, Zaplicoo. Zaplicoo is sent off of his home to go to the core of this alien planet, but on the way​ Zaplicoo...
  • alienplanet
  • dyingplanet
  • surviving​
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Perish by Infinite_Chaos
Perishby Lauren
In a futuristic world, the Earth is crumbling; wrecked by the human havoc of pollution and war. The Earth is dying and without anywhere else to go, so is the human race...
  • dyingplanet
  • earth
  • perish
Blue Lights by ZSB2000
Blue Lightsby Zombie Squids Break-Dancing
A story of a man and his dying planet
  • winter
  • flash
  • dyingplanet
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