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Remedy (DustTale Sans x Frisk) by WolfixWritesUT
Remedy (DustTale Sans x Frisk)by ±~• G •~±
"If you're gonna be 'helpin' me, kid, I have a few conditions." "Yes, and what are those?" "You listen to me and ONLY me. That is, unless I go b...
Dusttale Sans x Reader by Weldy12
Dusttale Sans x Readerby Season Cards
My sis wanted this. #9 in dusttale on 07/14/2018 #5 in dusttale on 07/21/2018 #2 in dusttale on 09/10/2019 #1 in dusttale on 12/10/19
It's your choice by Skelesins123
It's your choiceby Christina Polis
Error is the destroyer of aus. He's obviously the villain right? Or is there something more.
The House of Undertale AUs by HashimaruNinja
The House of Undertale AUsby The Ultimate Ninja
This fanfic will have SansxReader, CharaxFrisk, and SansxFrisk. There will also be those original love, like AlphysxUndyne. You ask how Sans would like Frisk while likin...
Hate {Dust!Sans x Reader}(Completed) by Out-of-Body
Hate {Dust!Sans x Reader}(Complete...by The Caffeinated Cats
"It hurts," he mumbled, trembling slightly with fear and anger. "It hurts Chara, to know that nothing matters because all that's going to happen is death...
Distant Love by GzFell
Distant Loveby GzFell
After Blueberry's..'Attempt' on his own life, he's tried to find the 'Lighter' or 'Brighter' side to life - which he did, thanks to a little help of Ink and Dream. But a...
Ask And Dare Sans And The Other AU Sans (DISCONTINUED) by SimplyAngelie
Ask And Dare Sans And The Other AU...by Kustard Heaven
NEW DESCRIPTION: This book is discontinued along with Behind the camera. A NEW One would be out soon. Read the latest update for more information! OLD DESCRIPTION: So, I...
Dusttale by ClassicalKid
Dusttaleby Classical Kid
Dusttale. A Korean Undertale AU. Sans completely has lost his mind and there is no way of stopping him. Unless you kill him for the second time. At first you didn't feel...
Bonded together with a killer | Dusttale Sans x Reader by NekkoetOnTheIntrnet
Bonded together with a killer | Du...by NekkoetOnTheIntrnet
Looking for your soulmate was a hard task, but looking for your soulmate with a merciless killer on the loose made things harder. You swore that you didn't know if you w...
DustBerry (Dustale Sans X Underswap Sans) by SyonderRose
DustBerry (Dustale Sans X Underswa...by SyonderRose
A magical story between Dusttale Sans and Underswap Sans. Where Dust finds Blue to be cute, and starts to hang out with him, while Underswap Papyrus thinks that he's a t...
Let's Try and Make This Work (Nightmare Team Polyamory)  by EnviousWingDings
Let's Try and Make This Work (Nigh...by EnviousWingDings
It's been long enough. I hate this. Then why did I bring them here? Yes, they are useful to me, and their negativity is perfect for me, but I'm getting tired of this. Wh...
The Dust In The Wind (A Dusttale Story) by Fandomshiper12
The Dust In The Wind (A Dusttale S...by Fandomshiper12
Sans has had enough of watching his friends die every time the human resets, so he takes matters into his own hands by killing everything he has ever known and loved, ca...
A Murderer's Tale by MaladonX
A Murderer's Taleby MaladonX
Dust Sans fails to defeat Chara and ends up in a different AU that quickly gets into chaos... Its be killed or DIE! Its all about the LV...... right?
War by Kattinakitt
Warby Kitt
Ooooooooohhhhh!!!! Y'all gonna love this one!!!!! And I will change the cover and her my best friend to draw it!!!!
Golden Rings by Yumi_mulky
Golden Ringsby Yumi💛
Loneliness is a powerful thing. And yet, it can confine us to such an extent of insanity. This is exactly what has happened to the Sans of the Dusttale universe. Yet, a...
DustTale RP by DxstTaleSans
DustTale RPby DustTaleSans
I did a smut RP so might aswell do a regular one right?:P
My Bio.. by DxstTaleSans
My Bio..by DustTaleSans
What the Fucking title says...
UnderHorda [Undertale Fan fiction] by FunbariVoid
UnderHorda [Undertale Fan fiction]by FunbariVoid
What happens if Sans cross paths with a webtoon series named Black Horda well. In this story Sans made an encounter with Dust but not in alternate universe but in his ow...