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MISTAKE- Percy Weasley x OC by snooper277
MISTAKE- Percy Weasley x OCby Snooper
"And there she goes again. I don't understand why she talks to Percy! She's beautiful, and he's a prat! Am I right George.""Oh you know Iris?""Y...
Another Dursley by PrefectLiz
Another Dursleyby PrefectLiz
Elizabeth Dursley is the nice one of her family.. But she's different form her family, Her once 'perfect nice girl' life comes spiraling down when a letter arrives at he...
One shots of Harry Potter by diamond987654321
One shots of Harry Potterby Amazinggirl
Lots of different short one (or 2) shots of Harry Potter. I have done all 3 generations (Harry's parents, Harry's children, an Harry's era.) I try to do originals but I...
𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐄𝐍 𝐁𝐄𝐄by 🌺🌸𝓮🌸🌺
(Harry Potter Various x OC) 'Why can't I be normal'💥 Evangelina Petunia Potter was not normal. She was the one that girls envied, wanted to be friends with or adored he...
Rowena Potter  by AloraBeckwith5
Rowena Potter by Elizabeth Potter
Rowena Potter is a five year old run away. She does her best and creates what she has always wanted, a family. Fem Harry Potter. Smart, strong Harry. Eidetic memory...
Midnight meeting by Slytherin_queen3107
Midnight meetingby slytherin_queen3107
This is my first time writing anything,so Goodluck!
Redemption (Dudley Dursley)  by BonnieScotty
Redemption (Dudley Dursley) by BonnieScotty
The war has finished, people can now come out of hiding, and Voldemort is finally dead. For many people this victory means never ending peace, but for three people in pa...
Just Kill Me Already [Adopted] *BEING REWRITTEN* by Pidge_Gunderson135
Just Kill Me Already [Adopted] *BE...by Pidge_Gunderson135
This is a continuation of the story Just Kill Me Already by SeemlyKittenLover Harry Potter is done being manipulated, he's done being a pawn, no more is he the gryffindo...
Action by ClawsomeShipper
Actionby Hippopotames
(Previously known as Harry Potter and the heir of Hogwarts) CHARACTERS OWNED BY JK ROWLING!!! 'Me to lad, me to' Meet Harry James Potter, an underestimated teen, raised...
Prongslet (Completed) by fanfictionist2004
Prongslet (Completed)by SWAGATIMA
Wordcount: 37088 Pain, a word, a feeling, Harry has been familiar with since the age of 3 by the Dursleys, Now he is 5 and one fateful day Dumbledore hears of how Harry...
The Wandmaker's Granddaughter by paperstreets
The Wandmaker's Granddaughterby paperstreets
Amelia Ollivander grew up hunting unicorn hair and Phoenix feathers. She could varnish a wand by the age of seven and knew the exact wand specifications of every witch...
The Dursley {HP Next Generation} by Pen_of_Creativity
The Dursley {HP Next Generation}by Anonymous
Has it ever happened to you that you knew that you had it in you but you couldn't do it? You knew you belonged there but you feared the change that it brought? You knew...
Dudley Dursley-A Late Bloomer Wizard by andersoncaseylee246
Dudley Dursley-A Late Bloomer Wiza...by andersoncaseylee246
This is about Dudley Dursley getting powers extremely late in his life; before Harry's 5th Year at Hogwarts. And Remember this story actually has 2 authors, Chapt...
The Dursley/Potter Family Reunion {Sequel to Hermione's Family Reunion} by RoseMalfoy2005
The Dursley/Potter Family Reunion...by RoseMalfoy2005
Hermione's family reunion just finished, when Harry got a letter from Dudley. Apparently, his daughter Daisy is a witch, and he needs Harry's help. What will happen wh...
Harry Potters Twin Book Three by unicornsrule
Harry Potters Twin Book Threeby Miss Awesomeness
This year Nixie Potter is determined to beome an anmags. She practices in the shreiking shack with a stray black dog she found when she runs away from the dursleys. She...
Harry Potter's Cousin (Fred Weasley Love Story)  by lgwtoday
Harry Potter's Cousin (Fred Weasle...by 𝒉𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒂 𝒈𝒐𝒐𝒅 𝒅𝒂𝒚
What if Harry Potter had another cousin. What if Dudley Dursley wasn't an only child. What if her name was Lily and she was magical just like her cousin The Boy Who Live...
The Copy  by SweetlyTroublesome
The Copy by × - copy cat. `
{ Harry Potter Fanfiction } There was once a girl, born from the houses of Potter and Evans... Her name? Victoria, which ment victor...
My Older Brother (Harry Potter Wbwl fanfiction) by 000_Gamer_000
My Older Brother (Harry Potter Wbw...by Gamer
Harry had been taken to the Dursleys at a young age, the day after Halloween while he was one by his parents. They vowed to visit, not much, but it had made Harry and Pa...
Random Fandom stuff that everyone forgets by BookTravel73
Random Fandom stuff that everyone...by BookTravel73
Funny little things about fandoms. Cool name meanings, Easter eggs, Hidden parallels, unansered questions and More!
The Dursleys other son by 7Justdealwithit7
The Dursleys other sonby 7Justdealwithit7
For the longest time Devon Dursley had been told by his father and mother that his cousin Harry was a freak and that's all he'd ever been. He saw how Harry was treated b...