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kidnapped love by The_Reader1001
kidnapped loveby The_Reader
When bloom, flora, musa and Aisha are captured by the wizard of the black circle. The wizards intend to make the girls evil. but The spell doesn't work as planed and the...
wizards of the black circle boyfriend scenario by Lolirockfan0975
wizards of the black circle boyfri...by That one Hydro Gem
okay okay I know some people are gonna shout at me but I do think that the wizards are hotter than the specialist so yea and the reader is female no changing it so sorry...
Winx club one-shots by Lolirockfan0975
Winx club one-shotsby That one Hydro Gem
One shots of the winx club boys. I wanted to do a one shot book for a while so yea. I will take requests and mainly I will make my own hehehehe. and these will be x read...
Winx Club Fanfic: Child of the Moon by Alexandra989
Winx Club Fanfic: Child of the Moonby Alexandra989
AU. Bitten by what she originally thought was a dog, Roxy's life takes a turn for the worse when she is turned into a creature of the night. How will her friends react...
Ask and Dare the Trix!  by emerald003
Ask and Dare the Trix! by 𝕰𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖉
You get to ask and dare thr trix. And maybe if you ask nicley the other winx club villains. ^^
Hira, Hiroko, Hiro & Piglet's BIG Movie by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira, Hiroko, Hiro & Piglet's BIG...by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira Tells Her Son & Daughter (Along With Diego & Hiroko's Daughters & Son, And Damrie & Hiro's Daughter) a Story About How She, Hiroko & Hiro Became Friends With Pooh B...
belki alışmak lazım by user_rawza
belki alışmak lazımby anjo da morte
belki alışmak lazım belki de çabalamak
Ahu by Okyanusmusunn
Ahuby Simay
Bu hayatı kendiniz için yaşayın
SONGS by daminelaaaad
SONGSby daminelbee
songs that are special for me İdk why am I doing this but enjoy
Duman by sondurakkore707
Dumanby sondurakkore707
Duman hayatında ailesi olan bir kedidir.Hayatı boyunca ailesini çok sevmiştir.Fakat ailesinin eve yeni bir kedi almasıyla işler karışır.Duman o kediyi çok kıskanır.Aile...
dumanlı dağlar by alibediyye
dumanlı dağlarby alibediyye
dağların başı neden dumanlı olur
Twisted love by Lolirockfan0975
Twisted loveby That one Hydro Gem
what if the winx had to find three earth fairies except one. what if riven, helia, and Andy (going to be Roxy's boyfriend) were actually abusive when they are alone with...
MONOCHROME by drunklion
Tek renk bir yaşantı.
If I was the little sister of the wizards of the black circle by Lolirockfan0975
If I was the little sister of the...by That one Hydro Gem
The wizard's witch by Lolirockfan0975
The wizard's witchby That one Hydro Gem
the elements now have a new mission find the elemental fairy and stop the wizards of the black circle. however talia kept something from everyone that she loved except h...
The Fairies of The Black Circle by cocoabeanzv2
The Fairies of The Black Circleby
It was just another mission for the Winx club. That was until they met their opponents... Wizards of the black circle x Winx - I'm sorry I didn't include Tecna or Aisha...