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Heathers Oneshots (Requests Open!) by AuthorGabe
Heathers Oneshots (Requests Open!)by Gabriel Cohen
Greetings and Salutations everyone! Welcome to my humble abode where magic happens! Cover-Art not by me!
  • chandlmara
  • mcduke
  • veronicasawyer
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Heathers One-shots  by ---almiiighty
Heathers One-shots by queen
mostly gay (100% gay honestly) and there may or may not be smut ;) (Honestly i just write whenever im bored) Also cover art aint mine :')
  • chansaw
  • idk
  • chandler
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Heathers/BMC One Shots by PinkberryIsSuperior
Heathers/BMC One Shotsby Worried Mom Friend
Yo, this is gonna be v gay. I will only write JDronica if it's angsty and they break up by the end. So you can suggest whatever, any ship, unless it's JD X Any of the He...
  • dukesaw
  • mcnamawyer
  • chanduke
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Heathers one-shots (but mostly chansaw) by MacaroniHomie
Heathers one-shots (but mostly cha...by Macaroni
  • chanduke
  • dukesaw
  • mcduke
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Heathers by yummy-croissants
Heathersby yummy-croissants
idek what this is anymore
  • chansaw
  • kurtxram
  • mcnamawyer
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Musicals, Musicals Everywhere. by I_di3d_jpg
Musicals, Musicals Everywhere.by I wanna die :)
hello, guys I made a sequel.
  • bemorechill
  • musicals
  • chansaw
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why...her (dukesaw) by GayHeatherDuke
why...her (dukesaw)by GayHeatherDuke
veronica has a crush on heather. no not heather chandler or heather mcmamara. she likes heather duke.
  • pan
  • heathers
  • lesbain
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  • chanduke
  • heathersroleplay
  • lesabin
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Not The Normal Love by Random__Ships
Not The Normal Loveby Random__Ships
Read And Find out how the story progresses. Notice: This is an au with factors from the Musical and some from the movie. Art by: HeathersGameOfTag Or also known as NotA...
  • mcduke
  • heathers
  • chansaw
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BMC/Heathers Short Stories And Oneshots by PotatoPotuto
BMC/Heathers Short Stories And One...by Awkwardly Autistic
Just a dump for my fanboying over these musicals I will be writing oneshots for Heathers the musical, not the movie There won't be smut, just angst and fluff and whatnot...
  • dukesaw
  • riends
  • boyf
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Heathers Headcanons and AUs by PinkberryIsSuperior
Heathers Headcanons and AUsby Worried Mom Friend
This may have just been an excuse so I could show the first chapter to the world. So! I make headcanons and AUs for these gays all the time might as well share them! ¯\_...
  • chandlamara
  • gay
  • dukesaw
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