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Lancaster's Bride(#3 Nobles) Complete  by Raldineviv
Lancaster's Bride(#3 Nobles) Compl...by Raldineviv
Micheal Lancaster always went after what he wanted and he always got it. But when he falls face flat for French Jéan Gaul, the English Lord is about to learn that go...
The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée(TMLVF) by allisace123
The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée...by Allic
This story is not mine so the credit goes to the original owner. Description In a romance novel called "The Secret Lovers of the Academy" the male lead would...
Transmigrated Into A Novel As The Demon King Villian by Kreisal
Transmigrated Into A Novel As The...by FujoshiShips4Ever
Michael Gremwall is a rational man. So one day, when his best friend gave him a book to read, he was suspicious at first but then succumed to the other's pleads and read...
His Sudden Bride (The Brides # 1) Concluding Soon by leyla4forever
His Sudden Bride (The Brides # 1)...by Leyla James
LET THE GAMES BEGIN... When Lady Alexandra Herbert discovered that she was to be married to Edward Wellesley, Marquess of Douro, heir to the Dukedom of Wellington, she w...
General Lee's Revenge by TheHighwayDreamer01
General Lee's Revengeby Little Dreamer
"Outta the car." He ordered. They got out quickly, and stood behind the car, trying to protect themselves from Clayton. "I'm giving you a choice here Je...
Under One Roof - General Lee's Revenge by TheHighwayDreamer01
Under One Roof - General Lee's Rev...by Little Dreamer
It was a cold December day, Luke and the General Lee were on their way back to the farm after a quick supply run in town. They drove their usual dirt road, up past Cotto...
A Deceptive Beauty by bookstar99
A Deceptive Beautyby Elaia
[Fantasy/Romance/non-teen fiction] *Formerly known as The True Story of the Beast* After being punished for messing with a witch, Duke Kaiden Hunter is desperate to bre...
An Acceptable Marriage (BOOK 5) by soitsash
An Acceptable Marriage (BOOK 5)by {ash}
(sequel to Rushbrooke End) Arabella Thorpe has always dreamed of marriage and becoming the wife of a great lord. When she finds herself in a betrothal with the handsome...
Pure Infatuation| editing  by taliatellstales
Pure Infatuation| editing by Talia Edmund
Mariana Bellamy was satisfied with her life and planned to make her last year of school, dukes academy, a drama free one. But the un-apologetically attractive Francis Be...
The Dukes Of Hazzard by Sky11192
The Dukes Of Hazzardby Sky11192
This story is going to be based off of the TV Show. I don't have owner ship of The Dukes of Hazzard. I just am writing for fun.
little french boy. ➵ lashton ✔ by twaterpillar
little french boy. ➵ lashton ✔by poison oak
"What's your name, sweetheart?" "J'mappelle... L-Luke...?" » Where Luke is a French servant of the Duke Edmund of Ralf sent on a mission and Ashton i...
The Duke's Bride <3 by sweetheart_xo
The Duke's Bride <3by sweetheart_xo
Caitlin is beautiful, talented and smart.. An elite debutante in London's ton. When misfortune strikes and she is put in a very compromising position Alexi, the young b...
Hidden Beauty by asatabardo
Hidden Beautyby asatabardo
Suffocated with grief, Sapphire Hersberry vows never to enjoy life again after her beloved sister dies. However, when her parents ask her to accompany Jane, her sister...
Chronicles Of The OP? Mob? Characters! by Tenqua
Chronicles Of The OP? Mob? Charact...by Rin
*Images do not belong to me The merry band of "mob" protagonists who attend the school in disguise. *This is a merged story of the brand new version of &qu...
Journey Free ( A Dukes of Hazzard story ) by TheLionPrideLioness
Journey Free ( A Dukes of Hazzard...by Tamu
Luke is a lost German Sheppard, he got separated from his cousin/brother Bo. Cousin is more of the correct term. He hooks up with another dog named Enos. (See were this...
Dukes of Hazzard by cullengirl1999
Dukes of Hazzardby Kia
umm I will re-write this after
You're My Sunflower🌻 by pxtals_
You're My Sunflower🌻by rosie
A Story about three friends looking for an adventure?
The Wrath of Jackson by TheHighwayDreamer01
The Wrath of Jacksonby Little Dreamer
When Bo is nearly killed while walking to the junkyard one night, Cooter and Rosco barely get there on time. Rosco soon solves the mystery behind it all. This is the ex...
Key to My Heart by washu14
Key to My Heartby Linda Young
Johanna finds a book of pomes that in the center is a letter and a Key and nothing else about it. It leads her to the young and handsome Duke of Richmond and his Aunt wh...